Baby Bunny Gets Around Using A Skateboard Wheelchair

Baby Bunny Gets Around Using A Skateboard Wheelchair Guest Contributor February 24, 2016 Animals No Comments



In news of the almost objectionably adorable, I present to you a teeny-tiny bunny rabbit named…wait for it…Wheelz (I know, it’s almost too much to bear.)



Bored Panda
Wheelz was found by Jason and Sonja Ambrosino of Overlook Acres, a small farm located in upstate New York. The little guy was paralyzed after having been bitten by an adult rabbit and nearly freezing to death out outside of his nest box.

Jason and his wife Sonja used quick wits and a MacGyver-esque proficiency to slap together a makeshift wheelchair for Wheelz using a finger skateboard (remember those?), a sock, and a bra strap.


Where there is a will, there is a way, although his rapid growth will require a bunny wheelchair 2.0 very soon.

“All the other bunnies are fascinated by his wheels,” Jason told BuzzFeed News. “He’s so much faster than them. They’ll come to sniff around the wheels, and he’ll go dashing away.”

Sonja and Jason have embarked on a Kickstarter to help fund a children’s book about Wheelz. “We love our farm, our lifestyle, and we love sustainable living. And we love this little bunny too!!!” the couple writes on the page. “Wheelz has brought a ton of publicity to little old Overlook Acres and our belief in sustainable agriculture and self reliance. So many people have been touched by this little bunny and its willingness to adapt to its differences that we thought that his back story also needed to be shared. Despite all odds, Wheelz keeps on rolling along.”  (h/t BuzzFeed)

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