10 Amazing Energy Booster Healthy Drinks

10 Amazing Energy Booster Healthy Drinks

Throughout the day, you require a constant supply of energy. There are many energy drinks that promise to give you enough energy to see you through the day. Most a times, these energy drinks are mere enticements and rarely do they deliver their promises. They are normally loaded with sugar, caffeine and loads of other harmful chemicals. Apart from giving you a partial unnatural energy boost, they also grind down the adrenal glands leading to serious long-term health issues. Even the makers try as much as possible to make healthy, still undergoes pasteurization, for storage purpose, making them lose their earlier nutrients.

The positive part is that there are a number of healthy drinks that you can make that will give you that much required energy. Most are home made from the easily available ingredients in your kitchen. They include:

  1. Coconut and Banana Smoothie

The two contain potassium, which gives you a boost of energy, while at the same time regulating and maintaining healthy cells. To make the smoothie, blend together coconut water, nut milk, orange pieces and banana, all half a cup each.

  1. Spicy Drink

This drink contains healthy spices that are essential for your body and is excellent in the morning as a substitute for coffee. Simmer two cups of water. Add a teaspoon and a half of honey, turmeric and ground cardamom a quarter teaspoon each. You may add a piece of lemon to the mix. This drink will leave you warm and nourishes your inside.

  1. Carrot Apple Juice

This is a great energy drink especially when you are totally exhausted. It is sweet and has a refreshing effect. To make the juice, you require five medium sized carrots, a small bunch of fresh parsley and an apple (either green or red). Blend the ingredients together. Pop in some ice as you serve.

  1. Acai Berry

With its load of B vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and potassium, the Acai berry drinks boosts metabolism, availing you with more energy and can be used as a weight loss remedy. In addition, acai berry contains nutrients that are great for your overall health. Opt for one with low sugar levels.

  1. Chia Tea

Chia is a spice that contains a lot of proteins and the omega-3 fatty acids. It thus boosts your body by giving it long-lasting energy. To a cup of green tea, add a teaspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of honey. Honey will act as a natural sweetener.

  1. Kale Smoothie

Kale is highly loaded with iron and minerals. These are essential in boosting the body’s energy levels. When it’s blended, these nutrients are able to seep into the system fast, giving an energy boost. To make the drink, blend a small bunch of kales with about 4 bananas. You may add 2 cups of water to lighten the smoothie and some ice to make it as cool as you want it.

  1. Berry Juice

Berries release energy from their natural sugars with the help of fiber that they are high in. They are readily available in our homes and also can be found in most stores. To make the juice, blend together a cup of mixed berries with water. You may add some limes to boost the taste.

  1. Beetroot Juice

Nitrates found in beetroots help to reduce the amount of oxygen need by muscles and blood vessels in order to function properly. By allowing energy to flow easily, the energy levels are increased. To make it, juice a small beetroot together with a handful of spinach, one apple two celery stalks and one lemon.

  1. Cranberry Detoxifier

A combination of four ounces of cranberry juice, a half lemon juice and a teaspoon of cider, apple, and vinegar will be an excellent morning energy booster. You may add some water to the juice to dilute it. It also act as one of the body detoxifier drink as it help in cleaning your liver, bowels and kidneys.

  1. Vitamin B rich Drinks

B vitamins help the body in producing energy. They basically help with the metabolic functions in the body. A lot of foods that are rich in these vitamins are totally available. You can make smoothies from these foods or juice them for optimum benefits.


Before you reach for that Red Bull drink, think of all the health risks that you are putting yourself into. There is no need to down a bottle of sugar and chemicals when you can always make a healthy drink right from the comfort of your home. In addition to boosting your energy levels, they will also give you a lot of other health benefits. They are easy to make and the ingredients are more often than not readily available to us.



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