Courage | Get Out of Your Head…and Into The World!

Get Out of Your Head...and Into The World!

One of the greatest and most powerful personal growth mantras is that of “all is mind”.

If you can see it and believe it, you can absolutely do it.

However, the doing part of the equation is where most will have issues.

After all, what good is the most empowering mindset and attitude if you’re never able to act upon it?

What You Experience is Your Reality

Our personal worlds, lives, and realities are composed of experiences based entirely around the types of results we’re getting. Results are entirely dependent upon the types of behaviors and actions you choose to engage in at any given moment. Typically, your personal beliefs will dictate how much you’ll police yourself when it comes time to step up and act on courage.

Nothing good or new ever happens until we saddle up and behave in courageous new ways outside of our current comfort zone.

Like an equilibrium that needs to be broken, reset, and broken again – courage acts as a governor for personal progress. Will you go for that new job? Ask out that person you find attractive? Tell your friends or family how you really feel?

You’ll think about it all day, and most likely even get very charged up over the idea – but when it comes time to act – what actually happens?

One of the greatest and most empowering lessons lies in learning to gradually calibrate our lives – so that how we truly think and feel about things – can be constructively reflected in our daily behavior.

We’re not talking about being a cynical, jaded person because “that’s how you really feel” – no! We’re talking about the positive steps that empower you to upgrade your health, career, and relationships!

A very helpful tool for identifying where growth should occur next is to closely examine our beliefs whenever we reach a point where it’s possible to take some new, exciting action.

What exactly IS stopping you from going for that new job or position?

Surely it’s nothing in your physical environment.

Most of the time, all you have to do is show up for the interview, or fill out a piece of paper.

These things are easy.

The challenge lies in getting over your own psychology (thoughts and beliefs) about why you should or shouldn’t do this, that, or the other thing.


The Dangerous Psychology of Self-Policing

We police ourselves on the psychological level much more than necessary when it comes to healthy risks.

This keeps us safe most of the time, but safe isn’t where growth happens.

Comfort and complacency are the antithesis of the materials required to truly make your dreams a reality.

You must begin lifting heavier weights to build your spirit and confidence, much like a bodybuilder must lift heavier weights to increase his muscle and strength.

The truth is, there are no limits beyond that which we assume to be true for ourselves.

This is mostly due to social programming, where we’re raised and conditioned to believe in a world full of limitations and backwards, self-limited thinking.

Do good in school so you can get a good job, have a safe career, a house, family, and steady insurance.

These things are all great to have for sure – but is that all you’re striving for?

Did you know you can still have all of those wonderful things while carving out your own path in the world?

Are you merely following along to get along, ignoring that raging inferno of desire deep in your gut?

What would happen if you started giving voice to your higher callings with your daily actions and behaviors?

Do you have the courage to engage your higher self, and assert its rightful dominance over a world of half-sleeping human automatons?

Are you brave enough to wake up amongst the sea of computer humans?

Are your excuses all relative to yourself and your own thinking…and thus a self-perpetuating cycle of psychological delusion?

What will it take for you to build the courage to get out of your head, and out into the world?

Examining Your Beliefs is The Secret to Self-Transcendence

The next time you reach a belief block and don’t know in which direction you should take action, use it as a time to reflect deeply.

Ask yourself “Is this really an obstacle that’s preventing me from reaching my goal…or am I making this out to be much worse inside my own head?”

The more you practice this, the more you may be surprised to learn that a lot of your negative thinking is pure illusion and self-reinforced programming.

Remember: reality is that which actually occurs – NOT what you think, feel, and/or believe “should” or “should not” happen.

Do your best to consciously calibrate to true reality, and watch as your life begins to invite stupendous synchronicity into your immediate environment.

There are no limits, only controls.

You are in control of your own limits.

Live and choose wisely, my wonderful friends!

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