Thai Artist Creates 3D Art By Painting Layers Of Thread And Netting

Thai Artist Creates 3D Art By Painting Layers Of Thread And Netting Guest Contributor March 12, 2016 Life No Comments

Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew‘s paints both metaphorical and literal depth. As a student at Silapakorn University in Bangkok, Nimmalaikaew began experimenting with painting on mosquito net and tulle, this giving birth to his unusual and striking style. His paintings seem to shimmer in mid-air, changing depending on where the viewer stands, appearing like specters from another dimension.

“It starts from a digital drawing of twisted lines in human form,” Nimmalaikaew explained to BLOUIN Art. “The digital drawing is then printed life-size to set the base form and texture. The following layers are painted in oil color in the ‘tulle-painting style.’ Over time, I have learnt that the tulle demands a different way of creating realistic light and shadow for the material. The top layer gives details for the optical illusion. Then I connect each layer with clear copolymer line to make it all fit together and create depth in the image.”

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Guest Contributor

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