These Flower Lamps Bloom When People Stand Under Them

These Flower Lamps Bloom When People Stand Under Them Guest Contributor October 30, 2015 Life No Comments


“Warde” is an urban installation located in Vallero Square, in the heart of Jerusalem, positioned at the entry of the main open market and a tramline station. It is composed of four 30-foot-high and 30-foot-wide inflatable flowers. This installation is part of the municipality’s effort to improve the urban space of the city center.

The four giant flowers have been placed in key positions, enabling them to be viewed from all around the square and the nearby market.

When trams arrive, all four flowers open to provide cover for the pedestrians as they step off the tram.

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Image credits: Dor Kedmi

Watch them in action below:

Sources: Bored Panda | Architizer Contemporist


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

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