How To Beat The Aging Process – A Comprehensive Analysis

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, BodyMindSoulSpirit

The aging process is something that we all go through and much of it depends on your genetics but there are several ways everyone can look and feel younger while living a healthy lifestyle.

How to beat the aging process

At this point in time, no one can actually beat the aging process but there are several ways you can alter, deter or in some cases, reverse the aging process right now.

You are what you eat; ALWAYS listen to your body!

We have been brainwashed by the mainstream media, Big Pharma and the traditional health industry who wants us to believe that the food we eat is actually healthy for us.

For example, comedian Larry The Cable Guy is a spokesman for Prilosec, which is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) and is used when typical antacids, such as Rolaids, fail.

What is the above commercial REALLY selling you?

1. Don’t worry about what you eat because Big Pharma has a pill for it.

2. What you eat isn’t as important as how to treat it.

3. Unhealthy eating is socially acceptable.

4. A funny, recognizable face, who you would innately seem to trust, can sell you anything.

What does the same commercial fail to mention?

1. If you have heartburn, this is your body’s way of telling you to either increase your alkaline intake or to look into other possible causes for this condition.

2. Just because a celebrity endorses a product, it does not mean it’s healthy for you.

3. Your heartburn may be part of a larger problem.

While PPIs block the acid secretion from the stomach and successfully treat heartburn, they may be hiding a more serious issue, such as GERD or Helicobacter pylori.

According to an article by Kendra Gilbert, LMT and editor of the Daily Spiral:

Helicobacter pylori is a spiral shaped bacterium designed to also penetrate the stomach’s protective mucus lining and then produces substances that weaken it, making it more susceptible to damage from gastric acids.  It can also attach to the cells of the stomach themselves and cause inflammation or “gastritis”.  It can also stimulate the over production of stomach acids and even lead to stomach cancer over long periods of time.

According to Gilbert’s testimony, a natural cure for Helicobacter pylori is Wobenzym-PS, which is a professional strength formulation of enzymes.

Sometimes, even “relatively healthy” food choices are still bad for you.  For example, if you were to eat a slice of pizza, you can be well assured that the tomatoes are not organic, nor is the cheese. The sauce is generally high in sodium versus using Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals, which is actually good for you. The dough is made from refined flour, which is one of the major causative factors in the development of degenerative health issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and digestive and bowel problems. Toppings, such as pepperoni and sausage, are processed foods that are highly addictive and often contain GMOs along with other damaging ingredients such as food dyes, preservatives and chemical additives.

Related articleBenefits of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Versus Table Salt

That being said, it’s alright to eat pizza on occasion, but not on a regular basis.

When shopping, try to avoid the center aisles of your typical grocery store because they host the highest concentration of processed food. In general, the outside aisles tend to be the healthiest.

Also, always look at the ingredients! I wrote an article called, ” Two Free Smartphone Apps That Will Eliminate Monsanto, Aspartame, HFCS And Processed Foods”. If you are unsure about the content of any given product, you can scan the barcode with either the Fooducate or Buycott cellphone apps, both of which are free. Not only are these apps providing a way to educate yourself on the quality of food you’re ingesting but in time, they will eliminate all toxic foods, not only from your diet, but from the grocery shelves as well.

What are you drinking?

In February of 2012, I started drinking distilled water as recommended by Andrew Norton Webber.

I also drastically changed my eating habits from your typical processed food, GMO-ladened diet to virtually all organic, including grass fed meat, fresh squeezed juices and homemade smoothies. Initially, I noticed an immediate change in my complexion as well as energy levels but after 7 months or so, I also noticed that I was losing my hair and wondered if that was attributed to drinking distilled water, so I stopped doing this but soon found something even more amazing.

After researching the benefits of ozone water, I decided to buy an ozone generator to infuse my water with extra oxygen. In addition, as per Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research into the consciousness of water, I added affirmations and Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness that follows 4 simple mantras:

1. I love you.

2. I’m sorry.

3. Please forgive me.

4. Thank you.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research show us that water has consciousness, so I combined Ho’oponopono with positive self-affirmations.

My affirmations are:

1. My pineal gland is fully open.

2. My chakras are clear and balanced.

3. My DNA codes are fully open to allow me to help myself and others in the best interests of humanity.

I decided to take this one step further after researching the power of sigils. A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered by many to have magical powers.

Many corporate logos use symbols as a way to subconsciously influence us. A perfect example would be the Shell logo, which innocently looks like a shell, but it actually represents the sun and sun-worshipping, which preexisted before many religious belief systems.

Exxon uses symbols and sigils as a way to represent Saturn. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. Did you ever wonder why we exchange rings during wedding ceremonies? The rings represent the rings of Saturn (Satan). Look no further than the pre-Christian Chritmas-time celebration of Saturnalia, which was a week of debauchery and drunkenness.

In this world of polarity and duality, the same practices can be done with pure intent.

I decided to make a sigil glass that contained all of my affirmations. This is what it looks like:

I buy 5 gallon jugs of BPA free spring water from Zephyrhills and dispense it from a water cooler. Even my dog drinks this water! I have an ozone machine by the water dispenser.

The particular ozone machine that I use is a A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator because it gives me the biggest bang for the buck with a 600 mg/h ozone output.

After pouring water into my sigil glass, I speak my affirmations to the water, then I apply Ho’oponopono. I finish by saying, “Please send these messages to every cell in my body. Namaste.

It is important to keep in mind that the ozone leaves the water relatively quickly, so your best bet is to drink it as quickly as possible.  Some reports say that it only lasts up to an hour or two before dissipating.

Some people may think this is witchcraft while others will say it’s pseudoscience. All I can say without judging is that results speak for themselves:

For the record, there is absolutely no use of Photoshop in these pictures nor do I dye my hair.  I am far from perfect.  I am not vegan and I sometimes eat processed food and on occasion, chicken wings. I also smoke organic American Spirit cigarettes. as most tobacco is not only ladened with pesticides, but 90% of all tobacco is GMO.

For most people, it is hard to completely eliminate all processed foods and GMOs but if you can greatly eliminate them from your diet, your body will thank you.

In many European countries, fluoride is banned, yet as I wrote in the article, ” Chemtrail Flu-oride“, it is being sprayed in the air your breathe in these same European countries. In turn, it is entering your food system and air passages through nanoparticulates.

In the United States, there is a big push to eliminate fluoride from our water supply. That being said, there are still people, especially in the medical industry, who cling on to outdated beliefs that fluoride is good for you.

A few months ago, I was researching fluoride when I stumbled upon a Facebook dentistry page that promotes, “Fluoride Friday”. This was my response:

Yesterday, I checked in on their webpage and they are still promoting fluoride:

To fully understand how dangerous fluoride is, please check out this article from BodyMindSoulSpirit entitled, ” The HIDDEN History Of Fluoride“.

Fluoride has been proven to calcify the pineal gland, which is your 3rd eye and window into higher consciousness. It is similar to the difference between a clean window and one that has mud smeared all over it.   Which one will you clearly see through?

The more your pineal gland is calcified, the more susceptible you will be toward the lies and the propaganda we have been taught through our educational system and the mainstream media, all of which still push the lie that fluoride is good for you.

There is a saying, “Your body is a Temple. You are what you eat.” You are also what you drink.

There is a reason why the ingredients are not listed on beer bottles. Many contain GMOs and high fructose corn syrup while cans of anything will eventually leech the aluminum from the container.

As a general rule, do not purchase any food item that says “Diet” on it.

Many diet products contain aspartame, which is now being relabeled as “Natural” AminoSweet. In an article entitled, “Aspartame – Putting the ‘Die’ In Diet In Over 6,000 Food Products”, it is stated that aspartame accounts for over 75% of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. The hideen hostory of the approval process mentioned in this article is quite shocking as well.

Additionally, brags about their product:

Currently, aspartame is consumed by over 200 million people around the world and is found in more than 6,000 products including carbonated soft drinks, powdered soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, gelatins, dessert mixes, puddings and fillings, frozen desserts, yogurt, tabletop sweeteners, and some pharmaceuticals such as vitamins and sugar-free cough drops. In the United States, all food ingredients, including aspartame, must be listed in the ingredient statement on the food label.

Oil pulling

A great way to remove toxins from your body is through oil pulling by swishing a mouthful of organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil for about 5 minutes daily.

Not only will oil pulling help to remove toxins through your gums, but it will also whiten your teeth!

Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing by Dr. Bruce Fife

Some people use sesame seed oil but I prefer coconut oil.  The brand I use is Carrington Farms Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, 54 oz.  Not only is it wonderful for oil pulling, it is also great for cooking instead of vegetable oil or butter!

Walk of Gratitude and Meditation

Similar to Ho’oponopono, I try to take a daily “Walk of Gratitude”. My preference is at the beach but you can do this anywhere. There is a seawall where I go which serves as a reminder to give gratitude to everything and everyone in my life.

I use the Ho’oponopono method by specifically stating to Creator, Universe, my spirit guides and guardian angels, friends and family on both sides of the veil, our galactic neighbors and friends as well as to Mother Earth EVERYTHING that I am grateful for. I include I love you, I’m sorry if I don’t tell you this as often as I should, Please forgive me and Thank you.

Me at the seawall on Siesta Key Beach, FL

I also try to incorporate meditation on a daily basis at the beach, but on occasion, I miss a day or two. Sometimes it’s a focused meditation where I concentrate on my positive affirmations and other times, it’s a meditation where I completely clear my mind. Choose whatever meditation YOU feel guided to do.


I cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results but you really have nothing to lose by trying these methods and techniques. If nothing else, you will learn how to reprogram your body to a healthy lifestyle and your energy levels will soar.

Most importantly, your body, mind, soul and spirit will thank you!

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.

Copyright Information: Copyright BodyMindSoulSpirit and Gregg Prescott, M.S.. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in any form.

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