Increase Synchronicity By Raising Your Consciousness

Increase Synchronicity By Raising Your Consciousness Guest Contributor February 28, 2015 Metaphysics No Comments

Thanks to Jason Demakis for this article


Have you ever noticed that once you truly commit to doing something, such as taking action toward a task, goal, or even daily routine, get moving with it, and stay moving with it – that things tend to line up beneficially?

Have you ever pulled into a packed parking lot to find someone pulling out right as you’re pulling up?

Have you ever gotten a phone call, text, email, or IM from someone you were just thinking about – but hadn’t seen or talked to in years?

Do you experience these odd little clusters of coincidence? Have you ever wondered about their purpose or origin?

These coincidental clusters are more than just coincidence; they are direct feedback from the reality around you.

Reality is responding to your current state of being, and feeding you like-experiences which resonate, compliment, and complete the level of conscious awareness you’re occupying and operating on.

The more conscious you become, the more obvious, common, and reliable the phenomena of serendipitous sychronicity becomes.

Synchronicity is far from being an experiential anomaly, however; it’s the very basis and carrier of consciousness-created experience. In truth, synchronicity is the mortar which binds the cause and effect level of our experiences, and brings us exactly that which we’re resonating with in the present moment.

Recognizing The Totality of Reality

When you raise your consciousness, you start to truly “see” how connected everything is. You start to see the how and why behind synchronicity being a constant, rather than an anomalistic experience every once in a blue moon. You start to realize how in control you are of this feedback system, how you misused and misperceived it in the past, and how you can now use it to smoothly reach your future goals.

You see, it’s not until we commit to taking action regardless of the outcome, that reality “catches on”, and the resources which would be required to secure the material end of things show up in the perfect way at the perfect time.

Not a moment sooner…but not a moment later, either.

This phenomena can be rationalized away very easily, but the sheer improbability, compatibility, and necessity of your personal synchronicities adds a layer of complexity to that popular assertion.

True reality cares not for your individual beliefs, but rather what you’re signaling.

The energy signature you carry around, perpetuate, and put out on a daily basis acts as your “batting average”, with your resulting synchronicities mirroring as your “score”.

If you want to raise both your batting average as well as your score, you need to commit to becoming even more consciously aware of the true nature of reality than you presently are.

This progressive expansion of your individual portion of consciousness is what constitutes the very conditions of your existence. You’re here to defy internal and external resistance, grow yourself in the process, and begin transcending your own assumed/socially programmed assumptions and limitations.

You Do Realize Nothing Can Stop You, Right?

There are no limits…only controls such as personal belief, emotional bias, and lack of courage which keep goals at bay.

Fortunately, you have complete control over these things.

In truth, there are no limitations other than those we imply or perpetuate for ourselves, as well as anything we genuinely believe to be impossible.

No, I’m not “trolling” for emails telling me to “Go try stapling water to a tree”

I’m talking about practical, liveable goals such as improving your diet, career, relationships, and everything else you experience on a daily basis. These things exist within your consciousness, and they’re a very real and interactive part of your current reality.

Why wouldn’t you want to shift those things to become more congruent with the type of person you desire to become?

Are you stopping yourself from taking action due to personal issues you’re too timid to face?

What would happen if instead of focusing on the negative, you shifted your energy toward cultivating courage?

What if all that’s been preventing you from receiving the money, time, and means to fulfill your goal has been your avoidance of acting courageously?

Courage First, Then Resources Will Flow

When we finally commit to growing ourselves as individuals, reality “gets in line” with us, and we start manifesting synchronicity. This is very much like walking forward as the bricks on your path are laid beneath your feet while you walk. It can be fairly unsettling to someone who’s not used to experiencing it, but with time, practice, and patience, it becomes second nature.

Whenever you contemplate a large goal, yet allow worries of money and material issues to cloud your mind – recognize that that’s what you’re truly asking to experience. You manifest more bad luck and ho-hum experiences, becausethat’s what you’re feeding the most energy to.

That’s the state of being you’re activating for yourself.

The trick is to switch your inputs, and make your dominate energy state one of unconditional happiness, excitement, and passion.

When you finally do this, you unlock the floodgates of material abundance for yourself. Behaving unconditionally is the skeleton key, because you end up bypassing everything that doesn’t work, sticking only with what does.

When you’re unaware of what works, you’re at the mercy of doubt and ambiguity. Even if you catch brief glimpses of synchronicity, you don’t know what to make of it, and will most likely assume that it’s a one-off, unreliable occurrence.

When you raise your conscious awareness of the reality in which you’re embedded, you start to get a feel for the higher and higher levels of connectivity going on. Suddenly, synchronicity goes from being some foreign anomaly to being as common, plentiful, and abundant as oxygen, grass, or the sky.

Playing Your Personal Lottery

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.” -The Dalai Lama

Behaving unconditionally is the exact same principle as having a room full of lottery tickets, and scratching each one individually, looking for the winner. You KNOW it’s in there somewhere, and each “failed” attempt brings you that much closer to your prize. Behaving unconditionally is just like refusing to allow repetitive “loss” tickets prevent you from continuing to scratch more tickets.

Scratching tickets is the action step for manifesting the goal.

Lack of an immediate result is your spiritual test, and is where your conscious will is stretched like any other muscle.

The more conscious you become, the more you’re going to find that you genuinely enjoy the actions steps as much as receiving your reward/result.

When you stick with action steps – despite immediate results or shifts – you effectively prove to reality that you’re actually in the game, and that results are secondary to the immediate experience of taking and enjoying your actions steps. Reality not only rewards you for behaving courageously and heeding your intuition, but for behaving as such in the present moment – the only true moment that actually exists.

Since you’re behaving in the present moment to the fullest of your mind, body, and spirit, you can’t help but activate and benefit from the mechanical, magical underpinnings of our three dimensional reality experience.


Replace the lottery ticket analogy with anything you’d like. Instead of finding the winning ticket, it could be finally sticking that diet, or creating that career for yourself.

They’re ALL lottery tickets, anyway.

Every single day and every single decision is a choice to move forward and continue scratching those tickets – with the full confidence and knowledge thatyou will grow regardless of the outcome(s), and that such outcome(s) will most likely surprise you in a very beneficial way.

Accessing our centers of courage, taking action despite expectation/regardless of immediate outcome, consciously allowing reality to function as it’s truly meant to, and finally allowing material ends to take their rightful place as secondary, peripheral components to our experience is to intelligently align oneself with the higher laws of reality and the human experience.

It’s these “higher laws” (relative to low-conscious behavior and experience) that we’re born to work with, use, and progress through.

They are part of our tool kit while here experiencing human form, and they’re available for all who have the courage to recognize and apply them on a constant basis.

Empower yourself and raise your consciousness, enjoy the action process, and become amazed at the subtle shifts and “odd coincidences” that begin taking place in your immediate environment


Thanks to Jason Demakis for this article

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