Quitting | How Quitting Breeds Success

How Quitting Breeds Success

“If you haven’t considered quitting, then you’re not doing it right!”

Once I grasped this powerful statement it transformed my entire mindset.  Before I would allow obstacles, frustration, and any barrier to deter me from conquering my dreams.  I had negatively reinforced the pattern of giving up as any great accomplish in life is usually preceded with hardships.  By flipping this belief, I now look for the crazy objections that lead me to feeling the emotions of wanting to give up.  I now understand this means the payoff will be greater and that I am on the correct track to greatness.

Think back to all the great accomplishments over your life thus far.  For me, the most rewarding both financially and emotionally have come only after every rational thought of wanting to quit, surrender, or give up has surfaced.  Know that this is merely a test that life throws to disqualify those that are not worthy of such success.  Steve Jobs has a famous quote about quitting where he said “You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because it is so hard… if you don’t, any rational person would give up.”  This is coming from one of the greatest minds of multiple generations.  Be irrational, look at failure in the face and thank it for showing the clues that what you are striving toward is worth the journey.

I recall a story of a boy who got a job at a bank at the lowest level.  Before his first day of work his dad gave him a button with the letter “P” on it and had him put it on the inside of his jacket as a daily reminder that someday the boy would be the president of the bank.  By looking at that pin daily it would remind him to do one thing every day that would bring him closer to that goal.  Each night the boy came home, the father would ask what he did in order to always keep the thought in mind to focus on becoming president of the bank.  The boy never told anyone what the “P” stood for, although his coworkers would tease him and make guesses.  There were times during the boy’s journey that he felt like quitting, however he used it to stoke the burning desire of his ultimate desired outcome.  It was only once he became president that he shared his secret, the power of the “P” for President.

When the thought of quitting enters the mind, you can now view it as a positive.  By following these steps, you can ensure it’s only a matter of time before a breakthrough.

  • First, understand this emotion is a signal. It’s giving you feedback so you must look at what it’s telling you.  Find the value or lesson and write it down.
  • Second, look for the one thing that’s missing, needs to be changed or needs to be added to the equation. Most breakthroughs happen when just one simple element is added or changed.  Look from a different perspective.  Take a ten minute walk while pondering this to open up your subconscious to inspiration.  Ask yourself “what if i change this…or add this…”
  • Lastly, keep pushing through by envisioning the end result. Close your eyes and visualize it.  Feel it, make it real.  Be descriptive of how it makes you feel, where are you when it happens, what are you wearing, what’s the weather like, describe your surroundings.  Channel the future success you created and take immediate action NOW with a sense of urgency.

That is the difference between a dreamer and a champion.  A dreamer has wants for a better life.  A dreamer has large aspirations, however when opposition surfaces, they create another dream and go about their way.

A champion takes action with step by step plans and welcomes adversity with open arms knowing for every setback that arises merely creates additional opportunity for greater success.  A champion is in tune with what the feedback is saying and makes the proper changes to endure.  The thoughts of quitting breeds persistence.

By utilizing this understanding, I hope the next time the thought of quitting enters into your mind, you smile with a beautiful grin and now think “Fantastic, now I’m getting close to getting exactly what I’ve been working toward”.

For more in-depth information on developing break through patterns, I encourage you to read “Finding Happy” which you can find below under “Recommended Reading.”

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