Could a Miracle Medicine Be Right Under Our Feet?

Could a Miracle Medicine

by Jeni Powell
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In this era of ‘miracle medicine,’ are we missing a trick? What are the essences that may help us achieve a healthy balance? Is the answer to optimum health right under our feet?

We know that everything is made up of energy, from the tiniest of insects to planet earth herself, all vibrating at their own individual frequency. We also know that the creation of energy presented in liquid form is nothing new.

Vibrational Medicine

Egyptian times heralded anointing oils, capturing energy within an oil base utilizing the potency of the plant oil itself and then enhancing this further with scent. Every ancient tribe would have its own healer (or medicine man) who would create an apothecary of potions that construed as medicines of their day. In fact many of our modern medicines use the same plant and crystal energy as a basis for many remarkable pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

The Atlantean and Lemurians were said to have created energy balancing structures where one could go and rest whilst exposing the body to a myriad of energy harmonizers including but not exclusive of crystals, oils, herbs, sound and essences. So energy healing is nothing new however as our world has changed and introduced modern medicine there is also a place and need for non conventional medicine to move at the same rate.

Our dominant oscillatory rate (the frequency at which we resonate) is easily pulled out of shape by external factors – in the main by other people. How often have you woken up feeling full of the joys of spring and walked into a room where ‘everyone is having a bad day’. As the day progresses you tend to fall in line with their thinking, no longer feeling optimistic and having a stable balanced frequency because your resonance has changed to that of the more dominant frequency of your surroundings; entropy has occurred. Anything with a stable frequency, such as crystals, can bring our energy system back into balance. However it is also possible to use one of our planet’s main resources – water. Nearly three quarters of the earth’s surface consists of water and this is the prime ingredient of energy essences.


So what are energy essences? As mentioned, the main ingredient is water but it is the preparation of the water that is paramount. It is vital that the person handling the water has a clear positive manner and is pure of heart when working with this element. With the correct cleansing of the water: stripping away any negative connotations and leaving a pure base, the water can be programmed in a positive manner introducing energy that will bring about beneficial and harmonious attributes for all.

The late Masaru Emoto claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He believed that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. From 2002, Joachim Schöck and Marianne Eberl have studied droplets of water and found that individual droplets taken from the same batch of water produced different visual results according to who had handled the droplet. When submerging an article in the batch of water, for example, a flower, an image of that exact article, appeared in the water droplet. Again, each droplet appearing slightly different according to the individual handler.

So what does this show us? Although science has yet to prove that water can hold memory, science is indeed catching up with modern day thinking. In the meantime, we must fall back on the analogy that ‘if it works then maybe there is something more than we can perceive and understand at this present time’. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


The past few years has heralded a significant shift in the vibratory rate of the planet and many individuals. This has enabled many alchemists to create a new generation of energy essences. These essences work in synergy with our developing energy systems allowing us to adapt and transform with this new wave of frequencies that have come to the forefront since 2012.

Much as you can take the molecules of carbon and create either a lump of coal or a brilliant diamond, some modern energy essences are combining the vibration of two different essences in the air thus adjusting the molecules and creating a brand new energetic signature. Individually the essences work very effectively – as does coal, but together they form a brilliant diamond. It is likened to a chemical reaction or alchemical synergy: Imagine that one bottle contains oxygen and the other contains hydrogen, combined they create water – a completely different energy signature, a liquid instead of a gas.

So what can we use these synergetic energy essences for? These are not just for those people working in the energy field – it is not ‘woo woo’. This is something that the ancients used and that we too can utilize as another way to proactively keep ourselves balanced, healthy and happy.

There are many different uses for energy essences:

Emotions and thoughts

Essences can be used to balance our emotions and thoughts. This type of medicine can even assist us to change outmoded beliefs such as when we may have been told “children should be seen and not heard”. As a child, this can create the belief that we must not speak and when this is reinforced by other actions in life this can result in an inability to express feelings, not speaking up for oneself and wishing to please others.


They can help us to embrace ourselves as a whole by unlocking some of our frequency that has remained dormant and hidden away. Often we hide away aspects of ourselves that we do not wish to own or we are fearful of facing but by hiding this away we are also allowing some of our energy signature to become dormant. How can we achieve balance if we are missing part of our frequency. This is like baking a cake with only half of the ingredients and then wondering why we have created something resembling a pancake rather than a well risen sponge. To balance ourselves we need all of ‘us’ to do it.


As mentioned earlier, our frequency is influenced by our environment. Keeping a clean house is an apt saying – by ensuring our surroundings are balanced this creates a favorable environment for the synergy of our own system and the cleansing and transmuting of energy to maintain an infusion of love, positivity and purity within our energy. This is likened to a goldfish bowl: if you don’t clean the bowl and change the water then no matter how healthy the fish are, the toxins that accumulate in the bowl will cause the fish to be ill at ease – causing disease.

By utilizing the medicine of synergetic essences alongside other forms of healthcare we can proactively re-balance our energy systems rather than waiting for the physical symptoms to appear and then firefight disease. By taking responsibility for our own health and our own energy systems and investing in ourselves perhaps you will still be reading this in 300 years time!

About the Author: Jeni Powell, MCIPD, founder of The Crystal Balance Company, is a specialist in crystals and energy healing. She is the creator of Crystal Balance energy sprays and provides certified training and workshops in crystals, energy healing and space clearing. Connect with Jeni at or

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