Game of Life: The Wise and The Game of Life

The Wise and The Game of Life

Its easy to hate A wise person. The games that you catch yourselves up in, the wise person does not play. He’ll be aware of the game you play and  be able to break down your every move, you’ll be mad about this. You’ll judge the intent of the wise person and that only fuels the game you play. The lack of participation for that man makes you love to hate that person, you’re so battered in yourself by his presence it makes you tense and act uncomfortable. You feel judged by the wise person assuming that every word and action from the wise is, directed toward offending your character in some way.

This is obviously absurd, the wise person holds no intent on playing the game. You are assuming that he is playing the game but that is just your mind, the whole time you are playing the game he is calculating every move to why you are acting the way you do, he doesn’t attach to that or participate in the thought as he knows that is only his mind coming in to attempt to play the game. Being wise can sometimes be a game in its own, because you must move your own player through the game attempting to avoid the participation. In the other games getting played by those who are completely indulged in the game. They don’t move their player, the player only moves with the game and for the wise person that is dangerous. That is the loss of sanity.

Move your player and use the player to play the game, that is the key essential to life. The game is life and the player is you. Play the game, don’t let the game play you.

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