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“The Soul Searchers Handbook”, by Emma Mildon, was a quick and easy read. We appreciated her upbeat, honest way of writing. It was to the point, and not full of prose and preachiness. She explores all forms of Soul searching, without bias or judgement. You can tell that Emma is young and vibrant. And, it encourages us to be more like her. -Open, Honest and free to learn and experience all sorts of healing properties and techniques. The Empowering Team highly recommends this book to everyone. We can all learn from her experiences.

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It has to be said, the middle finger is technically a spiritual mudra that expresses your current state energy. We can all agree life can feel like a 5 lane expressway, with beeps, lights, swerves, speed, breaks – the works! So when someone drives past you in life with their windows down, music up, and hand out of the window singing out the top of their lungs ‘because I’m happy’ sometimes you struggle to gage how you could clap along. The Spiritual PA, Emma Mildon, author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook, has the road directions for life that will help you drive towards an easy, brighter, more enlightened day. So, clap along!


Yes, I am holding up my hands to you in the universal T for timeout hand signal. It’s time to take a break from life and allow yourself a window, every day, however big or small to gather yourself. Trust me, this is simple but amazingly powerful. Whether it be the art of making a cup of herbal tea for yourself, closing your eyes to meditate for a space of time, or giving yourself a moment of calm in the midst of a manic day. Allow yourself permission to take a T-sign break. Your coach aka your soul will thank you for it!

By Pass

Skip the stuff in life that no longer serves you. Part of your holistic development will see you naturally outgrow relationships and organically meet new people who are making shifts to live a more holistic style like you. When you get a gut feeling, inkling, or an unexplainable urge to skip a lunch date with someone, cancel on a friend, or simply not make time for a person anymore – listen to it. Save yourself the detour later…

Traffic Jam

Some say the glass is half full, some half empty, you and I? We say the glass is beautiful! And more amazingly, we can also appreciate the beauty of a traffic jam! See the blessing in situations that make you stop, and challenge you. Use them as an opportunity to smile at a stranger when you become conscious of yourself and your emotions at boiling point. Use these moments as opportunities to tune into music that speaks to your soul. To daydream about beautiful things you would like to welcome into your life. Use them as an unexpected treat, as sweet as jam!


Master the turn. It is the ability to admit that what you once said, thought, or did may not be right. Acknowledging, confessing, forgiving, and making yourself vulnerable are all like formula one fast lanes for your souls development. It is a sign of a wise, holistic, awakened being when they can admit – whops!

Stop For Pedestrians

As you becoming increasingly alert in your day-to-day life you will become more grateful and conscious of the people who you meet, and why they may have crossed your path. Make an effort this year to think about the greater purpose of people crossing journeys with you. What can you learn from them? What can you teach them?

Give Way Rule

First rule of succeeding in a holistic sense in 2016, is there are no rules. Only questions. Is it kind? Is it right? Is it good for me? Is it good for others? Is it good for the earth. When in doubt I suggest applying the courtesy give way rule. Respect others journeys. Be careful of weary drivers. Take in the scenery and when your soul craves it, take the scenic route.

Travel safe, live well, stay curious, and keep searching. Enjoy the ride…

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