Weight Loss | Marianne Williamson provides support for her book, “A Course in Weight Loss”

weight loss: A spiritual Issue

Renowned spiritual author and speaker Marianne Williamson’s approach goes beyond losing excess physical weight to claim: “We’re here to release what might be years of accumulated suffering.” The empowering team fully gets behind that idea and offers this space for community support as you walk this path with Williamson’s guidance.


Dear Friends,

Welcome! We (Marianne Williamson) have a special site for readers of A COURSE IN WEIGHT LOSS: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.

This is a support for you as you go through the material in the book. One of the main principles in A Course in Weight Loss is that isolation breeds compulsion, while joining with others breeds emotional healing. Use this site as a way to enrich your journey through the course, building community through discussion and mutual support.

Many people have started groups that work like book clubs, meeting every week or two to go through the Lessons in the course together. If you are doing this—and there are more than 10 people in your group who have completed at least five of the Lessons—then I will schedule a half-hour personal teleclass with your group! You will see that there are specific tabs here to aid you in discussing particular Lessons; finding others to work with who live in your area; and scheduling the above-mentioned calls with me.

I’m honored that you are taking this course in conscious weight loss. We’re not just seeking to release excess weight here; we’re here to release what might be years of accumulated suffering. And that will make all the difference. I join with you in absolute conviction that a light-filled path awaits you, one that blesses not only your body but your spirit as well.

There are many other ways I can support you too. I’ll be starting an A Course in Weight Loss Coaching Program in the spring, so sign up on my email list to be sure you’re kept apprised of all that information. My Meditations for Weight Loss CD is available now. And my radio show on A Course in Weight Loss is on Hay House Radio every Tuesday at noon Pacific Time!

So I hope you’ll avail yourself of the many opportunities here to turn your sorrow into peace. The issue of weight might have brought you pain in the past, but as it says in the Bible and also in A Course in Miracles, “God Himself shall wipe away all tears.” I believe that. And it begins right now.

With love,

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