World’s First Pocket Spectrometer Lets You Measure The Molecular Makeup Of Nearly Anything

World’s First Pocket Spectrometer Lets You Measure The Molecular Makeup Of Nearly Anything Guest Contributor October 30, 2015 Technology No Comments

Tel Aviv-based startup Consumer Physics pulled the curtain back today on its first product: a tiny hand-held molecular sensor called Scio. The device, which Consumer Physics has launched a Kickstarter project for, would allow users to scan practically anything –foods, drinks, pills, plants, and more– and get detailed information on the object’s chemical makeup in just a few seconds!

Equipped with some of the capabilities of large, heavy laboratory spectrometers, but built around the kind of optics used in cell phone cameras, the SCiO measures the light reflected off any given object, breaks down its spectrum, and then sends that information to the cloud. Consumer Physics‘ unique algorithms immediately interpret the resulting data and the results show up on your cell phone within 5 seconds on a 3G connection. Designed to empower you with knowledge of your environment, medicine, food, and a near-infinite number of things, the SCiO will also allow you to participate in building the world’s first database of matter.

scanning cheese

Consumer Physics hopes that SCiO will empower consumers to learn more about the world around them and even about the things that we put in our mouth. You’ll be able to ascertain nutritional information about the foods you eat without having to rely on labels, or even determine the ripeness of fruits and vegetables with the push of a button. Just imagine being able to determine which watermelon is sweetest among the dozens sitting on the table at your local grocery store.


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