The strange looking Dogu figurines

The Dogū are small humanoid shaped figures that were  made during the late Jōmon period of prehistoric Japan. The figurines are really unique, and to some researchers they resemble in a peculiar way astronauts suited up. According to the National Museum of Japanese History, the total number found throughout Japan is approximately 18,000. Dogū were made across all of Japan, with the exception of Okinawa. Some of these figurines are extremely old, and even though they have the appearance of a humanoid figure, they do not seem human at all. One of the main characteristics of some of the figurines are their extremely large eyes. there are several types of figurines:
  • “heart shaped (or crescent-shaped eyebrow) type” figurine
  • “horned-owl type” figurine
  • “goggle-eyed type” figurine
  • “pregnant woman type” figurine

The Dogu are, according to their kanji part earth and part spirit. The oldest are nearly 10,000 years old, the youngest a mere 2,300 but these incredible and yet strange figurines continue to amaze archaeologists and researchers until today.

The true purpose of the Dogu figurines is still a mystery but experts believe that the Dogu were effigies of people, meaning that through the Dogu,  some kind of sympathetic magic was manifested. This belief only ads to the mystic nature of the figurines making them certainly an interesting object for further study.

But what are these strange looking figures? are they  product of mythology? or is there something more to them? According to many ancient alien theorists, these figures represent beings in “space suits”.

Ancient Alien theorists believe that these figurines represent otherworldly visitors, extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago. Some of these figurines are truly shocking. They appear to be humanoid but are certainly anything but human. The “armor” that some of these figures appear to wear, and eye-wear that some describe as goggles is certainly unfamiliar of that period in history. Is it possible that the “artists” that created these figurines throughout the years saw creatures in real life and decided to pay tribute to them by creating these figures in their honor.

One thing is for sure, the Dogu are strange, extraordinary and shocking at the same time. What do you think these figures are meant to depict? Could they have an otherworldly origin?

Image credit Wikimedia commons

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