20 Mystical Tree Tunnels That You Would Want To Walk Through For Infinite Time

20 Mystical Tree Tunnels That You Would Want To Walk Through For Infinite Time Jade November 21, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

by Timewheel

Trees – the mighty limbs of planet Earth. The very presence of trees brings about an indescribable feeling – an undeniable force of nature as they combine earth, wind, and water in order to bring balance to the atmosphere and bestow the world with the necessary conditions for life.

The different species of trees that this world bears come in an innumerable variety of shapes, colors, and sizes yet, they all possess marvelous qualities that can transfix our gaze. Featured here are congregations of but a few of the types of trees on Earth through which passageways have formed, whether it be by man or by nature, allowing one to pass through the heart of these mysterious wooded regions and envelope themselves in tranquil shrines of nature.

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Ginkgo Tree Tunnel in Japan

Bamboo Path in Kyoto, Japan

Oak Alley along the Mississippi River outside New Orleans, Louisiana

Blossom Path, Location Unknown

Cypress Tree Tunnel At The Historic Marconi Wireless Station, California

Gyeonghwa Station in Jinhae, South Korea

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

Jacarandas Walk in South Africa

Laburnum Tunnel in Bodnant Gardens, UK

Location Unknown

Sakura Tunnel, Japan

Street in Bonn, Germany

Street in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The Path Up To the Halnaker Windmill in Sussex, UK

Tree Tunnel in Netherlands

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan

Parque Francisco Alvarado in Costa Rica

Maple Tunnel in St Louis Oregon, USA


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