According to Science, These are 10 Reasons Why You Need To Sleep Naked

If you love sleeping without your clothes on, don’t worry, you’re not a weirdo. In fact, you may even be healthier than most, ‘cause sleeping naked has a ton of benefits and it’s totally backed up by science.

Not only does it help you wake up all fresh and breezy, sleeping naked is great for your overall body and mind health.

Here are 10 reasons why you should ditch your night suit and opt for your birthday suit instead.


1. No more yeast infections

Sleeping naked lets your vagina breath and prevents a warm and moist breeding ground for yeast to thrive. Keep yourself bare, cool, and dry and the yeast will never make it to your body.


2. Better relationships

When your bare skin is in contact with your partner’s, your body releases oxytocin — the hormone that nurtures bonding, increases happiness and reduces stress. Now would you really want your cotton pajamas depriving you of all that?


3. Better skin health

Your body gets space to breath. And trust us, it really needs to let off some steam after endlessly being wrapped in layers of cloth every day.


4. Supports your growth hormone

Sleeping nude gives a boost to your growth hormone which leads to an overall improvement in your bone density, muscle building, tissue repair, and more. It also lowers your risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. That’s not all. It also aids in attaining one’s healthy weight and it stimulates your immune system.


5. Better sex life

Do we even need to explain this? All that oxytocin usually gets put to good use.


6. Anti-aging

When your body is kept at temperatures between 68-70 degrees, it lets melatonin, growth hormones, and anti-aging hormones to function in the best possible way. Sleeping naked will help you attain this ideal temperature and keep you young.


7. Regulates body temperature

Our bodies need to rest and keep cool at night to decrease the cortisol levels in our system. High cortisol triggers problems like tendencies to overeat, disrupted sleep patterns, lower libido, increase in fat, and so on. Sleeping naked keeps cortisol in check and prevents these problems from bothering you in the long run.


8. Simplicity

No longer do you have to bother about switching to pajamas once you’re home. Just toss your day clothes and you’re all set to retire. Bonus: This also means fewer clothes to wash.


9. Overall happiness

Apart from all the science stuff about the oxytocin, sleeping naked also promotes overall happiness. You don’t have to worry about your underwear, your bra, pants, buttons or any such pesky social formality. It’s just you and your sheets sleeping happily ever after.


10. Self-confidence boost

As you start getting used to the brilliant feeling of sleeping nude, you not only become super comfortable in your own skin, you also become far more confident than your pajama-clad self.


So embrace your birthday suit and have literal good mornings for a change!

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