Award-Winning Movie Highlights The Differences With Home Schooling and ‘Normal’ Schooling in Powerful Scene

From the plethora of films the movie industry churns out every year, once in while there comes a film that really makes you think and challenge your beliefs. One such film is the recent award-winning film, Captain Fantastic.

With an indie vibe to it and a story like no other, the film poses a challenge to mainstream beliefs and ideology and really makes one start a debate in their head about what really is right and wrong.

The film follows a devoted father of six in his journey to challenge the system and defend his philosophies about education and parenting.

And this fascinating film subtly conducts a crucial debate about whether it is right to homeschooling one’s children.

In a short scene in the film where the father (Viggo Mortensen) is arguing with his sister-in-law, a thought-provoking debate ensues. Without giving away any more, here is the scene.


A subtle yet nuanced take on conformity Vs extremism, the film, without taking a clear stand gives you sumptuous food for thought.

Watch the trailer here:

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