Brutal Truth Between The Toxic Relationship of an Empath and Narcissist

When an extremely empathetic person swirls into a relationship with a narcissist, it could probably be liked to a tornado meeting a volcano (as Eminem would say). To put it another way, this combination of characters and character traits is especially toxic and painful for empaths; narcissists are emotionally wounded to begin with, and that alone is enough for an empath to have to absorb and withstand. What’s more, narcissists feel underappreciated and even worthless, so when they reach out to an empath for validation or admiration, it’s virtually impossible for good-hearted and good-doing empaths to reject them.

Empaths are natural healers, so even though narcissists have a significant amount of pains and hurts to attend to, the large scope of the task only makes it more important for empaths to take it on and help in any and all ways possible. However, empaths are too good-natured to realize or believe it when a narcissist is causing them pain in order for them to experience a sinister form of joy. Instead, an empath may see that the narcissist is finally beginning to enjoy themselves again, and this may distract the empath from the pain and injuries they are incurring—or the empath may choose to sacrifice their happiness for that of the narcissist regardless of knowing the truth.

If a narcissist is in control of a relationship, then they are just about as happy as they will ever be in a relationship. Unfortunately, as alluded to, this sinister enjoyment can cause an empath to believe that the narcissist is actually in love with them—which can blind an empath to soulful dangers. What’s worse, when empaths are severely victimized it sometimes feel as though they are succeeding at relieving another person’s pain in general, and this twisted sense of validation can actually cause an empath to become a little narcissistic themselves.

If an empath doesn’t realize that they are becoming entirely self-absorbed before the transformation is complete, then there will be one less empath in the world and one more narcissist—not at a positive or productive trade-off for humanity, to say the least. If they’re at least fortunate enough to recognize that they are becoming their alter-ego in time, then an empath must immediately walk away from the narcissist (and the relationship) in order to save their character, their character traits, and their true self as a human being.

Empaths may never believe that it isn’t their job to help heal other people, but most are are aware that they deserve to be in a loving romantic relationship in which their partner treats them the way they deserve to be treated—which is the way empaths treat other people themselves.



*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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