Carefully Choose a Skull, It Will Reveal What Kind of a Person You Are

What Skulls and Ink Blots Reveal About Your Character



This blot measures how you approach other human beings. Hesitation when interpreting equates to someone who is tentative, neurotic, and uncomfortable in society. Blots look like humans, so you should see at least one if you’re perceiving properly.



The red blots look like blood, but if you perceive two individuals fighting then you may have a tendency toward violence or aggression. On the contrary, if you think that people are making peace then you tend to be calm and diplomatic.



This blot card reveals your response to authority. If you see an animal hide or a rug then you likely see some authority figures in the same light. Your reaction also reflects your feelings toward males.



This blot often evokes emotions of pleasure and visions of four-legged animals. If this blot confuses you, then you probably have trouble interpreting information in general. Use the same attention that is required to comprehend this blot in your everyday life if it’s particularly difficult for you to do.

Before scrolling and reading further, choose your favorite skull from this rack:



Choosing this skull means you are both simple and elegant, and that you see passion in the eyes of the image. You tend to favor beauty over complexity.



Picking this skull usually means that you’re closely connected with nature. The Sun and leaves indicate you have a knack for nurturing, and you’re also excellent at acknowledging and accepting who people really are and what they are really like.



Opting for this skull normally means you’re quite detail-oriented and incredibly intimate. You might be a bit of a perfectionist, but you’re still highly original.



Picking this skull indicates that you value primitiveness, and raw human nature. Honesty and openness is crucial to you, and some lies eliminate any opportunity for a second chance.



Choosing this skull usually suggests that you’re outgoing and entertaining, and you don’t tend to worry about trying to please everyone. Ironically, this makes you very popular in most circles and from most perspectives.



Opting for this skull indicates that you’re extremely in tune with your soul. You’re also probably spiritual or religious, but this also makes you mysterious.



Being drawn to this skill likely means you enjoy being the center of attraction. You may not fit-in in all crowds and situations in life, but it should be easy enough to find enough places where you’re fully embraced and praised.



Choosing this skull means that genuine beauty moves you, and that beautiful hearts and souls are even more compelling from your perspective. This viewpoint enables you to connect with people mentally, emotionally, and physically.



Opting for this skull reveals creativity and sophistication. Your soul and your mind are always ready to burst out in expression, and this attitude inspires many people around you.



If this skull caught your eye most, then you probably have a very well-rounded personality. It’s likely that you’re an excellent multi-tasker and problem-solver, and also that people flock to your side to benefit from your exceptional balance and positivity.




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