Cat – Protects You And Your Home From Ghosts And Negative Spirits!

Cats are mysterious creatures. Not only are they great to have around, they also have a deeper spiritual significance in our lives.

When a cat rubs against you, it’s not only her recognizing you as the alpha or just asking for food. It is also a way in which the cat is sharing its astral force and literally rubbing its magic on you.

Cats are a positive influence on your life and they often prevent evil spirits from invading your space. They also protect your home from negative energies that enter your house or even ones that previously resided there. Here are a few ways cats protect you from more than just physical threats.


Evil Spirits

When a cat senses a spirit, it follows it around and tries to determine what it seeks. If she feels like her territory is being threatened, the cat will try and expel the spirit through energy field displacement and she will keep making attempts to drive it out of your home.

If your cat keeps returning to the same spot in the house, is often tense, or is staring into blank space, she could be sensing an evil presence. If you suspect something off about your cat and think an evil spirit may be the cause you could help your cat by praying around the spot or burning white sage to eliminate negative energy.




Cats can remove evil eyes and curses. They are a good source of cosmic energy and their positive energy can overcome any negative influence that befalls your home.
Keep a close eye on where a cat frequently sits. These are spots of immense energy flow.

You will usually find them making themselves comfortable in geopathogenic zones such as places where there is a strong current of underground water.




Just sitting with your cat and stroking her is a great stress buster and can relieve you of a massive amount of stress and anxiety. What’s more? A cat’s purr has healing properties that can even ease pain. Just place a purring cat on the sore spot and you can actually feel the pain gradually go away.




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