Root Canals Might Actually Lead To Cancer, According To Doctors

The debate about whether or not root canals cause breast cancer usually seems to come down to tubules, which are small holes which run horizontally inside to outside of teeth. As can be seen in the image below, tubules are located inside the dentin. Microscopic photos are needed to scrutinize tubules, and teeth such as molars can have around 3 miles of tubules alone.

Tooth anatomy.


Microscopic image.


Weston Price, DDS, Dr. George Meinig, and Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, argue that microscopic bacteria grow inside of tubules even after a root canal has been undertaken. What’s more, these individuals contend that sealing the microscopic bacteria inside the dentinal tubules of a dead tooth leads to the concentration of bacteria and eventual leaking into the bloodstream through the human lymphatic system. This could result in heart disease, breast cancer, sinus problems, brain abscess, and a wide array of other systemic illnesses, such as MS. Hal Huggins, DDS, MS at goes into great detail about systemic problems that toxic bacteria can cause.

Microscopic image of bacteria growing.


A–D. RSEM images highlighting the stages of E.faecalis biofilm formation/maturation to root canal dentin. Figure 1 A shows 3-days-old biofilm with E. faecalis colonizing the dentin surface and beginning to invade the patent dentinal tubules. Figure 1 B shows 10-days-old biofilm with additional micro colonies of E. faecalis within dentinal tubules. Figure 1 C and D shows 30-days-old biofilm with increases in the number and density of bacterial micro colonies that nearly blankets the whole dentinal surface.


Numerous doctors, dentists, and homeopathic doctors agree with these findings, and they make sure to first extract any root canaled teeth and old mercury fillings before contemplating further treatment. Please watch the video below of a doctor in New Zealand who is said to be capable of reversing early stage breast cancer by utilizing the aforementioned first step and then using natural therapy.


Tooth-Organ Relationships


Even with all of this being written and said, science requires a remarkable amount of proofs in order to declare something as being true—so there still isn’t 100% consensus that root canals are directly linked to breast cancer. However, if you’ve had a root canal for a tooth on the right side of your mouth, and you end up developing breast cancer in your right breast, then there is certainly a lot of evidence that argues against it being a coincidence. Indeed, the majority of women who have had root canals and breast cancer report having them both on the same side of their bodies.

In order to limit your risks, insist that the periodontal ligament and part of the bony socket be removed so that any bacteria present in these areas will also be removed. Biological Dentists will know exactly what you’re talking about, and they will know how to do a full extraction properly and safely. A bone graft of Beta Tricalcium Phosphate and Ozone Therapy is usually recommended as a form of anti-bacterial treatment.

Heavily infected tooth.


“Blobs” are generated by the body to try to limit the infection and its spread.


Afterward, take the full recommended amount of supplements, especially wound healing and detoxifying supplements.





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