Do These Sumerian Tablets Refer to Ancient Aliens?

Unearthed among the ruins of ancient Babylonian temples in southern Mesopotamia are some of archaeology’s most celebrated and controversial finds. 

Specialist have spent many years trying to decipher intricate symbols that have been found on the Samarian tablets found there.

The Sumerian culture itself is mysterious and enigmatic. They arose sometime around 4000 B.C. along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in an area that is now known as southern Iraq.

They are best known for developing cuneiform script—the world’s oldest extant writing system—but they also forged a vibrant religious and literary tradition and made advances in government, mathematics, urban planning and agriculture which modern historians have a hard time explaining.

For example, as ancient civilizations go:

  • Some of their larger cities were home to over 80,000 inhabitants.
  • Among the rulers of the Sumerians was at least one woman.
  • The city-states were often at war with one another.
  • Sumerians were well-traveled and expert merchants.
  • Many believe that Gilgamesh is not a fictional story but based on a real historic figure.
  • We still use their mathematics – like dividing hours into 60 minutes, and minutes into 60 seconds.
  • We lost most of the Sumerian culture to the invasion of the Babylonians and Amorites.
  • Reptilian looking entities can be found in Iraqi art dated around 5,000 B.C.


Alien sculptures found in modern Iraq/ancient Sumer.

Image: Crystalinks


  • There are also bird-headed gods depicted in ancient Sumerian art.


Bird-headed god found in Sumeria.


And here is a Neo-Assyrian Gypsum Relief Panel of a Winged Bird-headed Divinity.

Image: Flickr

The possibility of “ancient astronauts” is often called pseudoscience, however, the tablets found in Iraq, called the Sumerian King List, records facts about the mythical past of Sumer. Eight kings reigned before a great flood. After the Flood, various city-states and their dynasties of kings temporarily gained power over the others. They also indicate that some of these kings lived to be 110 years of age.

Most perplexing though is that the tablets contain mythical stories combined with what are supposedly factual references to the historical reign of kings, that also happens to align with the Bible’s teachings (genesis) about the great flood and the life of Adam.

In fact, proof of a very ancient and advanced civilization.

Though debunked as propaganda in Zecharia Sitchin’s novels, the “ancient alien” theory still lives.  Sitchin’s text translations from the ancient Sumerian tablets were found to be contrived with help of the the Illuminati to promote the idea of a false alien race. Sitchin, himself is a high-ranking Freemason.

However, the ancient Sumerians also spoke of an alien race, and even drew intricate pictures of beings. While planet Nibiru may or may not exist, even Sumerian creation myths talk of alien beings “seeding” the planet.

These ancient historical references coupled with the testimony from a senior Iraqi official – the Iraqi Minster for Transport – that there is a military base built over 7,000 years ago supporting alien craft in Iraq as well.
Was Sitchin telling half-truths to throw us off? Are there ancient aliens that helped to seed ancient advanced civilizations on earth?

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