Forget Coffins! This Company Will Swirl You Into Stunning Glass Art When You Die

The death of a loved one is always a difficult thing — sometimes one of the most difficult times we might go through in our lives. Where traditional methods of creating a token of our loved one’s remains might be austere (coffins, urns), they can also remind us of our heartbreak without providing a glimpse into the beauty that was their life.

Artful Ashes, a Seattle-based company, is doing its part to restore our faith in the beauty of the lives our loved ones lived, rather than just their death. By creating unique, hand-made glass memorials, the company’s owners are displaying a respectful homage to lost loved ones in the form of glass orbs or hearts.

From the artists: “[We] capture the essence of your loved one’s spirit in a swirl of color and ashes, sealed forever within beautiful glass art. These amazing pieces comfort your grieving, allowing you to hold and treasure your memories.

Appearing in a spiral pattern, one tablespoon of your loved one’s ashes will be spun into a unique, brightly-colored piece of art. The designs are made with the express purpose of lifting the spirits, using bright, vibrant colors to highlight an inscribed message with the name of the person it memorializes.

As for the specifics: Each glass memorial is roughly three and a half inches in diameter, and weighs in close to 1 pound. Users on Reddit claim the price is about $145, though it may be best to contact Artful Ashes directly or inquire at their Facebook page. For a similar company that claims to memorialize in diamond, see here.

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