Here’s Why Pisces Is By Far The Most Difficult Sign To Understand

Most human beings of the sign of Pisces are imaginative, emotional, and in many ways introverted. Pisces have also been said to be gentle, loving, benevolent individuals who are—sadly—often conflicted. Pisces enjoy escaping from reality on a regular basis (at least in their own minds), so it isn’t hard to believe that many people have serious problems understanding both their words and actions. What’s more, Pisces is one of the most creative Zodiac signs, so there is definitely a lot they can teach—if they can be understood, that is! Please read the list below so you’ll have a better chance of understanding a Pisces and making the world a little bit of a better place as a result.

They realize life is temporary.

It has been written that Jesus was a Pisces, and also that he said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” Since individuals of the sign of Pisces have such a deep comprehension of the temporary nature of life relative to the Universe as a whole, they live life in ways that can only be understood by other Pisces.

They’re often oversensitive.

Pisces tend to lack the defense mechanisms which are necessary to protect them from shame or embarrassment. So when someone hurts or offends them, a Pisces undergoes a special kind of suffering which can make their thoughts, words, and actions impossible to fully understand.

They’re frequently introverts.

Like introverts in general, Pisces enjoy blending in with the background, and this usually makes it hard to know who they really are. However, if you’re loving, respectful, and understanding, then you’ll be putting yourself in the best place to get to know a Pisces in time.

They’re dreamers.

Pisces normally find the world to be draining more than most other signs do, so you have to factor their added exhaustion into your insights about their mood or state of being.

They desire to bond without becoming vulnerable.

As you can imagine, this is an impossible combination and aspiration. You have to understand that people of the Pisces sign often attempt to think and do the impossible in order to have a chance at ever comprehending them.

They are open and honest.

This often results in a Pisces having no problem finding new partners, but it also results in a Pisces having the need for a new partner on a regular basis. If you want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then a Pisces might be for you. If not, then you might not want to even try.

They require empty space and time alone.

Since Pisces tend to become more exhausted, they need time alone in order to recharge and release before they can get on with life positively and productively. However, if you’re OK with a little more alone time than usual then you might just be able to understand or even love a Pisces.

They’re independent.

Pisces also love romantic relationships, so you can see why this conflict could result in a Pisces being hard to fully get your head around. If you can love someone while enabling them to do most things for themselves and on their own time, then comprehending or genuinely loving a Pisces could be in your future.








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