How To Tell If You’ve Walked This Earth Before—5 Signs You’re Reincarnated

Reincarnation is not something that we have all been lead to believe in, yet it still exists as a truly viable option for all of our souls.  Why?  Because none of us are really that sure what happens after we close our eyes for the last time (in this lifetime…)  So how can we for certain say it doesn’t exist?

Men and women from all over the world have believed in the ability for our souls to pass on to another realm and then return for another chance for thousands of years.  From Aboriginal myths to the highly elaborate religious doctrines of Hinduism, you can practically find the idea anywhere and everywhere.  To deny this as an alternative to Absolute Death, would be to deny the synchronous thoughts of millions.

So how can we tell if it’s real?  Well, there are a few things we can point to that could prove that we’ve been here more than one.  Although the possibility is there to disprove these five things below, there really isn’t any evidence out there that shows that they can be disproved or approved.  Guess that means that’s it’s up to you to decide then, huh?

1.  We Experience Déjà Vu

This is something that most of us can point to as a strange occurrence in our lives that truly has no explanation.  Most of us have had that Matrix moment where we’ve seen something play out again, exactly to the “T’, but don’t understand how.  Scientists have blamed it on neurological dissonance, while other theories have pointed towards the aligning of multiple universes, but that only seems to touch on the surface.  Especially if it’s  the kind of déjà vu that occurs when you have never been to the place you’re seeing it, or met the people who may be around you.  So why couldn’t this be a memory recall from a past life, or the projection of a lesson we’ve learned from one before?

2.  We Have Dreams

Sometimes we dream so vividly, it’s as if we’re actually living a different life.  We wake up, unsure of who we are or where we’re at, and only with a lot of work do we have to jump-start our brains into recognizing ourselves again.  Our subconscious is a magical place, and it sometimes brings forth information that we have had stored from childhood….Why couldn’t it be information from even further back?  If it feels like we’re there, maybe we were.  If we wake up thinking of ourselves as a different person, maybe we once were.  The possibility is greater if you think of how many times you’ve dreamed the same dream, and how the lesson within that has nothing to do with anything you’ve ever done in this life…

3.  We Have Bizarre Memories

Remember hearing about that kid who solved his previous life’s murder?  Yeah, that’s some pretty strong evidence for reincarnation, but it’s not the only story that is out there.  In fact, a whole book has been written about it.  Our children have deeper insight into what is going on in life then most of us are willing to admit.  They are seeing into what may be an open past that becomes blocked as age and become skeptical.  Touching upon this open past can lead to extraordinary depths of knowledge, and is worth the acknowledgement of all of us.

4.  We Have Odd Fears and Phobias

Hate the smell of mold to the point that you avoid blue cheese?  Are unsure of why ladders bother you so much, but don’t go near them, ever?  Can’t put your finger on why flashing lights make you cower in the corner?  Sometimes, we have certain fears or phobias that seem quite irrational.  There’s no real explanation, yet they’re there, and they feel real.  Perhaps it is an action of our brain chemistry, and perhaps it isn’t.  Maybe what we’re experiencing is the reliving of a death from a previous life or the accidental death of a loved one from a life before that.  It’s possible that the only real explanation can come from this sort of thinking, and that reincarnation is a fact designed to help you overcome those fears.

5.  We Sometimes Have Strong Intuitions

When we can see something happening before it does, we are experiencing a form of intuition.  When we can see that someone is sad, upset, or lonely, we are also experiencing a form of intuition.  We are, in essence, “tapping” into a reservoir of information that is part of all of us.  It can be more than just scientific or historical—it can be something much more inner-reaching.  A connection that binds us all, through life and death.  And if we really start getting good at reading what we find when we’re “tapping”, then we may be turning into a mature soul…One that may find that this is the last time it needs to be here.

If you think about it, we’re all just trying to figure out how we belong.  We might not ask those super deep questions about our lives or what we are, but we are all pushing for acceptance and peace.  It’s possible, that by adopting a stance that we may have been here before, that we could learn from our past “selves” and find these answers we seek.


Source: PeaceQuarters

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