How To Tell When You’ve Found Your Soul Mate—The Affinity Connection

Real love, the soulmate, heart-beating out of your throat, love, makes you look at photos like this, and realize that you yes, you would, follow that someone right off a cliff into the clouds.  That’s how much you care about them.  You would literally jump off of a bridge if they asked you to follow them off of one.

But what about when we think we’ve found a soulmate?  We would still do the jumping, but maybe they would just move to the side and let you fall.  That doesn’t feel so great…

How the hell do you figure out if it’s “the real deal”, then?  Well, if you started asking around to the people you’ve seen on the street holding hands, or inquiring from your grandparents who have been together for an eternity, you might find that there is no tangible thing that can be pointed to.  It’s just that it feels like the “right” thing.  Which might feel like a cop-out, but it’s the truth.

You see, when two people actually love each other to the depths of their very souls, there will be an affinity, a connection, that reaches beyond the material.  It won’t matter what clothes you wear, who you talk to, or what you do…It’s the deeper, more illusory “you”, that is being loved.  Souls are not something we can define with borders and names…Souls are fluid and ever shifting.  So to be able to pinpoint a deep love with another soul in words is a pointless exercise.

Then how can you find it?  Look at your partner now.  Does he/she have an inherent attraction that defies words based on actions of thoughts?  Do you look at them and wonder if you’ll ever be able to describe how it feels to be in their presence?  Do they blow you away to the point of being speechless?

If you said yes to any of these, then you’re on the right track.  You don’t have to happy-go-lucky every waking moment when they’re around, and sometimes it’s actually quite difficult to be with them.  Because they see the real you, beyond the bullshit of everyday, and that forces you to look at yourself.  You are better when they’re around, and so are they, because you don’t worry about all the other junk that drags other relationships down.

This is what it looks like to have affinity with another human.  This is what it looks like to have a mate in someone else’s soul.  And it’s worth waiting for.


Source: PeaceQuarters

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