Hundreds of Mysterious Stone Structures Discovered Near Saudi Arabia’s Ancient Volcanoes

David Kennedy, the archaeologist who just found hundreds of mysterious stone structures near an ancient volcano in Saudi Arabia, is calling them “gates.”

Kennedy, a professor of archeology at the University of Oxford, used Google Earth to find over 400 stone walls that could be as 9,000 years of age, or older in the western Harrat Khaybar region of the country.  This would make them older than the Peruvian Nazca lines which some believe are a landing strip for extra-terrestrials’ UFOs.

These stone walls are in addition to at least 3,000 structures that have been found in Jordan, with nearly 2,000 previously discovered in Saudi Arabia.

900 mysterious stone structures have been found in Saudi Arabia.


They are being called “gates” due to their resemblance to barred gates one might find at a pricey estate when seen from above. They are hard to spot on the ground, and easy to find from an aerial perspective.

The “gates” vary in size. Some are over half a kilometer long, and others are hardly 13 meters. The bars on the gate also range in size with some being far apart, and others almost touching.

Many of the gates sit atop lava domes – areas where there is little vegetation or life because the conditions are simply too harsh.

Bedouin people call the gates, “the Works of Old Men.” These geoglyphs, as they have been termed, take different shapes throughout the area. They cover far more area than the Nazca lines, and seem to be much older. This may also explain why the Bedouin have little additional explanation for what the purpose of the “works” truly is.

Scientists aren’t yet disclosing what they believe these gates were used for. It is possible that they mark places on the earth where the geo-magnetic resonance and other factors alter physics as we know it to create literal gates to outer space in the form of wormholes, or they could simply be the doodles of ancient tribes on the terra.

Kennedy states that they are the “oldest known man-made structures on the landscape,” and that there is “no obvious explanation of their purpose.”

The “gates” also occur throughout Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, through Yemen. Incidentally, this is also where ancient Babylon may have been – in lower Iraq, incidentally only 467 kilometers (290 miles) away from Syria.

Babylon literally means “Gates of the Gods,” so could this be even more reason to connect the stone megaliths to ancient portals to space-bound civilizations?

Also interesting is that ISIS destroyed another “Gate of God” in Iraq proper, near the city of Mosul, although in this case, the Gate refers to an historic monument which looks slightly different from the gates found by Kennedy.

Though there is yet comprehensive proof that the 900 gates found in Saudi Arabia were some form of ancient technology or portal pathway, there are many links to other curious geographical phenomenon in the area to discount the possibility.

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