If You Can’t Answer ‘Yes’ To These 5 Questions, It Might Be Time To Move On

When it comes to relationships, love can get a little complicated. I like to believe that when you do in fact find the right person, things feel natural. Their existence lights up your soul, and your life seems easier with them. You feel open enough to talk to them about anything, and enjoy each other’s company. But not everything is in black and white, you may find yourself questioning the relationship at times.

So how do you know if you are with the right person? There are no checklists or guidelines, but it may be time to ask yourself these 5 questions to see if what you have is true love:

Do you smile when you see them, think of them, and talk to them?

Do you often times find yourself reflecting upon a memory with your loved one, and that inevitable smile crosses your face? This may very well be a sign that what you have is true love. We need these feelings to develop a certain closeness with each other that relationships thrive on. Of course, obsession may be taking it a little far, but some attachment is necessary for a relationship to feel natural. You should want this person to be by your side, not in the distance. They should be a positive force in your life.

Can you talk to her without ever feeling bored or awkward?

When you talk to your loved one, do things come naturally? Things should flow easily when you are with them. You should not have to feel like you are trying too hard. Passion and intimacy are important in a relationship, do not get me wrong, but if you think about it and that is all the relationship consists of, it may be time to look for something else. As you grow older, sex will be less important and you will look for someone to stimulate you intellectually. Love and companionship will become more relevant, and you will look for not only a partner, but a friend to grow with.


Are they there for you when you need it?

Is your partner only around when it is convenient for them? In a truly equal relationship, you want your loved one to not only be there for the good times, but during your rough patches as well. This is when we often need someone the most, to feel comforted; after all, it is easier to cope with problems knowing someone is there for you along the way. There will always be times when we will need space, and in a healthy relationship, it is best to uphold our personal identities.

But if your partner prefers their time away from you rather than spending time with you, it may not last much longer.

Has your life changed for the better?

It is hard to get out of a toxic relationship when you are too far into one. People tend to stay in these relationships, blinded by “love” making it impossible to let go. We are constantly lying to ourselves, saying things will get better, we will work through this, but this can just be wishful thinking. It is hard to face this problem, but relationships can be complicated. If you feel like you have more bad days than good, or you have lost yourself and your outlook on life, those may be key indicators that you are in a toxic relationship. There is one, not so simple, question you need to ask yourself, are you happier with them?

Have they opened up their life to you?

Everyone is different when it comes to opening up to our loved ones. It may take some of us only a couple weeks, but others it may take months. In order for a relationship to grow, we must feel comfortable being vulnerable to someone we care about. We want them to be there for us when we are at our worst. For some relationships, however, this never comes. It isn’t always your fault, for whatever reason, that feeling never comes.

You may love your partner, but you have to ask if they truly love you? Not everyone expresses love in the same manner, and you and your partner may very well show love in different ways, but if you are questioning if your significant other loves you, you may already know the answer. If this is the case, it is time to accept reality. As bad as it will hurt you, you need to let go. You need someone that will love you with every part of their soul, and should not have to settle for less.


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