July Will Be Intuitive and Volatile: “Mars & Sun Hit Points in Empathic Sign”

Astrology has long been used as a means of tracking and understanding the energies that impact our lives and the world around us. These predictions can help us to prepare for what is to come, while also empowering us to better handle the situations at hand.

In 2016, experts predicted that it would be a year in which we would see a significant change in energy and inspiration. The formulas used to track the planet configuration clearly spelled out that the energy levels would come crashing down, leaving the world in a time of depression. They also predicted that the level of inspiration, previously on a high, would slow to a halt further adding to the ‘down times’ that we would be facing.

The predictions for 2017 have been vastly different, showing that we are moving through a period of growth and preparation. We are focused on ideas for how to improve upon the problems that were created last year and are beginning to solidifying the ways in which these ideas can be put into action.

Focusing specifically on the month of July, this is going to be a time that triggers an extreme amount of emotion for those that are intuitive or empathic. The emotional energies will be at an all-time high, creating intense feelings of good, bad and everything in between. Due to the already heightened emotional state of those who are intuitive or empathic this increase in emotional energies will feel even more extreme.

The impact of the heightened emotional energy will be the tipping point for many, causing those who were barely holding on to break down or snap entirely. This is a boiling point for internal conflicts, and individuals should take the time to focus on their own self-care when possible.

There is a positive side to this shift in energy! The heightened emotional state will allow emotions to be felt deeper than we previously have, allowing us to genuinely feel and experience life itself at a deeper state. Those who regularly feel drawn to care for others will feel even high levels of empathy during this time. Embrace this as a chance to make a difference in the lives of others, and trust your intuition.

The first shift leading into the changes this month occurred in the later part of June: Mars square Jupiter

This shift brought deep, tense feelings, largely leading to situations of conflict. This propensity for conflict will continue throughout the month of July in waves.

By June 28th the feelings will intensify as Mercury moves to join Mars in Cancer: Mercury and Mars square Jupiter

July 1st through July 5th brought the volatile wave of energy that will be felt throughout the month of July. It is at this point that Mars opposition Pluto and the Sun square Jupiter.

The next big shift that we will experience will come on July 10th. At this point, the Sun will opposition Pluto, which will send another wave of volatile energy similar to that previously felt in June. As Mars starts to square Uranus in the following week we will be met with a wave of unpredictable energy. Due to the influence of Uranus, this will be the ideal time for thinkers and revolutionaries to find their inspiration.

Understanding these shifts of energy, and the way in which they can impact your way of thinking will allow you to prepare accordingly. The most important thing to remember is that this is a time of increased intuition so trust your gut instincts! Doing so will allow you to embrace the energies that are guiding your thoughts and emotions, moving forward in the most positive way that you can during this month.

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