Jupiter Just Entered Scorpio – A Revolutionary New Era Has Started

We truly are living in new cosmological times: Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10, 2017, and it will remain in its region until November 8, 2018. What’s more, it will be in retrograde motion from March 9 until July 11.

Exhaustion is coming.

Since Scorpio is a restless zodiac and Jupiter enlarges, exhaustion will be magnified in all human beings. Remaining active will help combat the sensation, but eventually Jupiter in Scorpio will overcome anyone during peak periods of energy exchange. April 29 to May 19 should pose the greatest risks.

Grow by way of cleansing.

Scorpio also rules death and resurrection, and Jupiter will enlarge these aspects of life and the Universe as well. Its Saturn-like influence will urge us to tidy our lives in general, and when Jupiter transits Scorpio, it will become clear that a clean life can be attained simply by adding enough positivity to it; Jupiter could enhance this positive growth too. Your possessions and activities are largely governed by Scorpio, so keep those which are benefiting you and replace those which are not as soon as possible. Saturn is strict, but Jupiter in Scorpio is strong; devote time and effort to cleansing and you may be provided with the energy required to grow positively.

Death and resurrection loom.

However, this also means that human beings have the power to change or reform themselves with Jupiter in Scorpio. If you’ve had the urge to remake yourself and to never look back, Jupiter in Scorpio may be providing you with the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.

Sex and emotions will be enhanced.

Since Scorpio is said to be the ruler of sex and deep emotions, these aspects of life will be heightened during Jupiter’s transit. More specifically, emotional happiness could very well become the core of all healthy relationships while Jupiter transits Scorpio. Because sexual energy provides us with self-confidence and self-expression, our determination and beliefs will likely grow stronger. When Jupiter is stressed it results in dogmatism, but this can be healthy regardless; fulfill and express yourself while the timing and circumstances are optimal.

Contemplate careers.

You will feel the need for a fulfilling career and future during this period. However, anger and depression can grow rapidly with Jupiter in Scorpio, so taking care of business won’t be easy. Jupiter doesn’t specifically bring new hazards, but it certainly doesn’t prevent them from occurring. Oddly enough, the careers (and hobbies) that have the potential to be the most fulfilling during this period involve art, romance, sex, and magic. So, if you do decide it’s time for a career change—it could end up being a lot of fun!

Religion and magic rising.

Jupiter in Scorpio will enhance religion and magic; dogmatism and religious fanaticism could be negative results, but Scorpio is not timid or open-minded. Jupiter will also magnify these impacts (especially when stressed), but clerics and other professionals of religions and magic will benefit. These messengers will convey new ways of explaining or expressing old beliefs, and the increase in magical energy will truly make miracles possible. Moreover, all these effects will influence human beings of the sign of Aries most of all.

Money and profit on the horizon.

Careers involving money should prosper during this period, and this should please people of the Scorpio sign most of all. However, human beings will also be capable of becoming wealthier in all other aspects of their lives—whether they be physical, mental, or emotional—and these profits will prove to be far more valuable and useful than the monetary ones (in both the short-term and the long-term). Yet, sexual energy can rule money pertaining to Scorpios, so the energy of the earth may confuse circumstances during this period. To make the most of this unique Universal arrangement, focus on feeling and realizing that you’re blessed first and foremost because you are a living being with an active soul—everything else is only additional gifts.



*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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