Los Angeles Shocked By ‘UFO’ Sighting

A Space X satellite being launched to the stars caused quite a stir in Los Angeles on Friday as an unidentifiable object streaked across the sky. Twitter was flooded with pictures and videos of the object, with people claiming to see aliens make their debut.

The bright, white, jellyfish-shaped object was part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellite fleet. One Los Angeles resident Tweeted, “Elon Musk just scared the f*** out of me!”

Carrying 10 satellites, the Falcon 9 booster rocket launched from Vandenburg Air Force Base around 5:30 p.m. California time to different destinations around the world.

Even actors and musicians were certain that aliens had arrived, though. Courtney Love, Orlando Bloom, Zendaya and others all posted different, surprised reactions to the Falcon 9 streaking across the sky.

“@elonmusk is taking us into the future. Watch out universe, here come the weirdest aliens you’ve ever seen, us,” Love Tweeted in a shout-out.

LA radio stations began receiving calls shortly after 5:30 talking about a bright light in the sky that looked like a jellyfish. There were reports as far away as Arizona that a “strange light” was streaking across the sky. The sighting even prompted the Los Angeles Fire Department to issue an alert to tell people the “mysterious lights in the sky” was from the Vandenberg launch.

SpaceX livestreamed the rocket launch on its Facebook page. Elon Musk later posted video to his personal Twitter account, accompanied by the tongue-in-cheek caption, “Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea,” which some didn’t find to be very funny.

Apparently, the launch was so bright and awe-inspiring because of its close proximity to downtown LA. Space Launch Complex-4 is along the Pacific Ocean coast west of Lompoc in Santa Barbara County, about 140 miles west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

This is the final rocket launch scheduled for the year, so unless Santa Clause or some real aliens show up, we can’t blame any more odd, streaking lights across the sky on Space X.

Was this rocket launch of Iridium-4, though openly planned and then aired live, a test to see how the public would react to a forced “alien invasion” narrative? It certainly made some people panic.

Twitter user Melanie Dramos said: “Saw a God damn UFO in Hollywood guys, what?”

A Twitter user named CRO said, “We are not alone.”

Kevin Chen tweeted the SpaceX boss: “@elonmusk you should probably clarify that the ‘UFO’ in California is your rocket.”

Youtuber, Misha Newcomer posted this video of the strange spectacle caused by the Falcon 9 Space X launch:

After watching  the video and seeing multiple Twitter pictures that were posted with a creepy cloud streaking across the sky, you can’t blame people for freaking out. It certainly looks like a UFO from the ground, and since many people were unaware that the rocket was launching and would be visible from the sky, there would not be many other logical explanations. At least this time, there is one.

You can watch the live feed video of the launch, here.

In the meantime, we’ve been promised the admittance that aliens are among us from a rock band front man, and a former Pentagon official, Luis Elizondo, who led the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program says there is “very compelling evidence” that we live among aliens, too, just as we learned that there is a top secret, highly classified, $22 million-dollar Department of Defense contract to look for them.

So, no need to look up. They are already here. Musk must be laughing his rockets off.

Image: Business Insider





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