Monsanto-Bayer $66 Billion Mega Merger Faces EU Opposition

Monsanto turned down German Chemical company, Bayer’s $62 billion merger offer, and is now considering a $66 mega-merger between two companies that already control a massive portion of the global food supply. Both have a very dark history.

If the mega-deal passes, it would be the biggest all-cash buyout of a company in history, with shares valued at $128 apiece, but before one mega company that has destroyed our food supply and sprayed toxic chemicals all over the planet is bought out by another mega company that has contributed to the unstoppable rise of Big Pharma’s drug supply, they will have to face a formal objection raised by the European Commission.

According to Sustainable Pulse, individuals briefed on the case say that Bayer may have to make more concessions, or it will be blocked. Matt Taibi, writer for Rolling Stones is tired of his “Vampire Squid” reference, originally used to describe Goldman Sachs in the banking scandals of 2008-2009, but it seems as appropriate as ever to describe the aim of Bayer and other multi-national power strictures which want to control the entire food supply – continuing to pour bee-killing, cancer causing, endocrine and gut-destroying herbicides on our food in the name of “feeding the masses.”

IG Farben, Bayer’s parent company in WW II, had extensive ties to the Third Reich, as per Auschwitz concentration camp documents unearthed during the 1999 Eva Mozes Kor lawsuit, meaning Bayer has deep Nazi connections. The company has also handed out HIV-tainted blood, and has been involved in multiple cases of fraud – yet this is the company, no less tainted than Monsanto who created aspartame (NutraSweet), PCBs, rBGH (bovine growth hormones), self-pollinating  and poisonous GM crops, deadly Zyklon-B gas during World War II, and countless toxic herbicides including glyphosate.

Though Monsanto has been called the most evil corporation in the world, Bayer is not much better. They are of the same ilk – so it is like Taibi’s Vampire Squid eating another, smaller Vampire Squid.

Nonetheless, objections from Brussels represent a stark ultimatum for the Bayer, which has spent at least 12 months trying to bring around EU regulators on the politically charged mega-merger.

Bayer’s merger with Monsanto is set to create the world’s largest portfolio of pesticides, but Bayer has already sold off some businesses to allay competition concerns.

As was the case with the inquiry into Dow and DuPont, which merged earlier this year, people following the Bayer case say the Commission is running an extremely wide-reaching investigation and is demanding huge amounts of information.

But will petitions and objections do anything to stop this Squid from consuming another?

More than 50,000 petition emails and more than 5,000 postcards and letters on the case have already been received by the EU, and the same commission just recently gave Monsanto’s Round Up a green light after similar push-back from the public, and scientific documentation that it is “probably carcinogenic,” as described by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) IARC.

So, what’s the big deal about a merger between one evil corporation with another? The evil grows larger, and harder to control. If Monsanto already has its tentacles in the US FDA, EPA, and EU Commissions, and Bayer already has control over the Us Government with more than $7.5 – $9 million in annual expenditures going to lobbyists (and growing), we’d better get seriously creative about how to break up this monopoly over our health and planet.

Not attempting to halt the Bayer-Monsanto merger is suicide, even if it does go through anyway. In the very least, we will have made our objections very clear. Then, providence will hopefully step in.

One thing is certain, growing your own food, eating only organic, and utilizing natural health methods will grow even more vital to protect you and your family’s health in the coming years.

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