Nazca ‘alien’ mystery—tests carried out on ‘alien baby’ raise further controversy

A group of paranormal researchers and Ufologists claimed to have discovered the remains of 5 mummified alien bodies in Nazca Peru. They claim they have scientific evidence that shows these beings are from another world, and they recently released a new video, detailing the studies performed on an alleged “mummified baby”.

The saga continues. Ever since GAIA Paranormal released a set of videos, images and accompanying texts suggesting that they’ve come across 5 alleged mummified alien bodies in Peru, the entire paranomal—and scientific community—started paying attention.

For the scientific community, its nothing more than an elaborate hoax, and one that should be punished by authorities, while for others, paranormal believers and Gaia, it’s a revolutionary step forward in finding out the truth behind the alien presence on Earth.

The controversy continues as researchers investigating the alleged mummified alien remains have taken samples of the alleged ‘alien baby’ for DNA and carbon testing.

Researchers note that just as the ‘adult mummies,’ the ‘mummified child’ will also undergo CAT and X-ray scans.

The entire buzz started out when GAIA, together with UFOlogist, author, and paranormal researcher Jaime Maussan stated that they’ve found Scientific Evidence that a series of alien mummies found in Peru were REAL.

This is the alleged mummified alien body of a young ‘being’. Image Credit: Gaia

The group noted how the mummified beings—discovered at an undisclosed location, somewhere in Nazca, Peru—were in fact ALIEN in nature, and seemed to be more reptiles than humans.

In an interview with RT Español, Maussan said: We confirmed with scientific evidence the existence of beings from another world,” “Before it was a possibility, now it is a reality.”

Now adding to the controversy behind the alleged Alien beings, has released a fifth video which details everything they’ve been able to find out so far about the mummified alien baby, discovered in a tomb in face-down fetal position.

Despite the fact that numerous scientists argue how the alleged mummies are fake, insists that a genuine investigation is taking place. However, scientists seem to agree with the Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies which has released a statement about the alleged discovery, saying that the creatures were not real, and were hoaxes created using real human remains. The Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies demands an official inquiry into whether the group has committed serious archaeological crimes.

The group, however, isn’t stopping and they argue what they are doing is real science.

The fifth video released by features Melissa Tittle, who is the director of original content at She said: “We are going to give it [the baby] a cat scan, X-ray and samples taken.”

Valid scientific tests? Image Credit: Gaia

Describing the process taking place and studies performed, Dr, Konstantin Korotkov, Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture, in Russia, said: “It’s important that I was able to take sample from the baby because and it was bone, little bone, because it is a solid bone, and it is much easier to make analysis from solid bone than from compared with just tissue.

“You get a very clear answer of what the dating of this sample is, what the DNA analysis is of this sample because I have no doubt it is a being, just a little being. Is it male, is it female, what are the genes? From first glance, it is of the same construction as our bones.”

However, experts note how even Dr. Korotkov is an untrustworthy source.

He is considered an expert in “Alternative medicine” and even claims to have photographed the soul leaving a human body.

So despite the fact that numerous studies are being performed on the mystery “beings”, people around the world argue how all of this will obviously turn out to be an elaborate hoax… and more bait for subscribers.

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