New Banksy Art in Bethlehem Reminds the World of Israel-Palestine Conflict

With Christmas fast-approaching, it’s easy to forget that in some parts of the world, genocide, famine, and widespread fear are day-to-day realities. That’s where Banksy comes in. Just in time for the feel-good holiday, the street artist has added two more murals to his infamous Walled Off Hotel. The purpose? To raise awareness, once again, about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Banksy’s latest festivity spectacular is “The Alternativity,” which opens today, December 3rd at 5 PM in front of the hotel. The installation features two new murals. One is entitled “Peace On Earth,” and it is a text-based work that reads “Terms and Conditions Apply.” It can be found in front of the Milk Groto Church.

Photo Credit: Alaa

The second piece shows two stenciled angels. Each is equipped with a crowbar and is trying to break through the separation wall. The placement, the symbolism — all of it is typical of Banksy.  According to Street Art News, Banksy’s latest artwork was painted either a few days or weeks ago. No one knows as the artwork was hidden in plain sight with only a banner announcing the event.

Following are photographs of his latest installation:

Photo Credit: AlaaPhoto Credit: AlaaPhoto Credit: AlaaPhoto Credit: AlaaPhoto Credit: Alaa

Earlier this year, in the same town, Banksy stirred up controversy when he opened The Walled Off Hotel. The structure exists as an exposition/hostel hybrid designed to stand against the segregation between Israelis and Palestinians.

Unlike most hotels, Banksy’s establishment is intentionally located in a bad — or, at least, not ideal — location. It is approximately 500 meters away from the checkpoint to Jerusalem and affords views of the wall that encloses occupied Palestine and annexes part of its land.

Explains the hotel on its website, “Depending on who you talk to it’s either a vital security measure or an instrument of apartheid. Its route is highly controversial and it has a dramatic impact on the daily lives of a lot of people.”

On the topic of ethics, it adds: “Some people don’t agree with painting the wall and argue anything that trivialises or normalises its existence is a mistake. Then again, others welcome any attention brought to it and the ongoing situation. So in essence – you can paint it, but avoid anything normal or trivial.”

Because the hotel is filled with Banksy originals, patrons are required to submit a $1,000 deposit in the case of damages or stolen goods.

Credit: The Walled Off Hotel

Banksy is arguably one of the most well-known and controversial street artists in the world. No one knows the artist’s real identity, but that doesn’t matter. In his/her unique way, they raise awareness about the injustices and irony that pervade our modern world. The activism is unique and needed, as science and sensibility have obviously done little to persuade the masses to reason.

Plus, there is a beauty to impermanence and non-identity. Banksy obviously feels the same, for earlier this year, he/she told the Bristol Community Magazine: “I choose to keep my identity hidden. Often when you know the artist, you think you also know the art and I want to keep the mystery.”

They added, “As well as that, the most noticeable and breath-taking pieces of street are created by anonymous talents.”

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Source: Street Art News

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