New Study: People Who Swear, Stay Up Late, and Are Messy are More Intelligent

Being a messy person who swears and goes to bed late, even though you try so hard to sleep earlier, could be a sign of superior intelligence!

Science discovered that people who swear a lot and can blast many profanities in one minute usually have high IQ scores. There is a similar relationship with those who enjoy some good old-fashioned vulgar humor along with their curse words, except female-sex-related slurs.

Next time someone says you lack intelligence because you are swearing, you can show them some science that proves otherwise.

Evolutionary Sign of Intelligence Shown Through Late Nights

People are different to other mammals for several reasons. For one, we can ignore traditional circadian rhythms and get up and go to bed whenever we want. In the past, before the invention of fire, this was not true as staying up late was dangerous and useless.

When humans discovered fire and later created light, it changed the way we live. Scientists hypothesized that intelligent people could stay up long after the sun went down, more so than people who were less bright. Simply put, smart people tend to sleep less.

This hypothesis was verified by analyzing a large group of young Americans and their sleep habits. Those with a youth IQ of less than 75 typically went to sleep much earlier than those with a childhood IQ of at least 125. However, this does not mean that if you stay up to 3 am on the internet doing nothing valuable that you will be the next Albert Einstein. Quite the contrary, these smarter kids were staying up late because they were reading a good book or engaging in significant activities. Nevertheless, sleeping 6 – 8 hours per night proved crucial to both health and brain function.

Geniuses Have Messier Desks

It appears that intelligent people spend less time organizing and cleaning their space. This occurs because their brains are preoccupied with ideas and thoughts. Disordered environments are usually a sign of a creative (and somewhat chaotic) work environment. They encourage the breaking away from tradition and promote new, innovative solutions, as opposed to a more organized workspace, which seems to promote convention and to play it safe.

Furthermore, research reveals that smart people typically get bored quickly and would rather spend their time thinking, which makes them less active and naturally lazy. However, this is not a reason to live in a horrible dirty mess while driving your workmates, friends, and family insane.


If you love to laugh hard at crude jokes, swear frequently and have a messy room even though you just organized, then you should keep doing what you are doing because you are probably a genius.


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