New Study Shows How Orgasms Shift Brain Activity And Create an “Altered State of Consciousness”

Sex is a mysterious thing.  Even if we know the intricate details of how it all works, what we like to do, or who we’re attracted to, we still haven’t got a clue why.  Why do we feel these things the way we do?  Why do we strive for sexual satisfaction unlike any other desire?

According to Adam Safron, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University and his assistant Victoria Klimaj, they think they’ve got an answer to one part: the orgasm.  In their article, the two speak on how we are differentiated from other animals when it comes to sexual behaviour, and how that differentiation hinges on cultural norms, non-reproductive motives, and abstract goals.  By drawing upon collaborators work from other fields, including specialists in evolutionary psychology, and animal behaviour, Adam and Victoria were able to show that what is happening in our brains when we are at the height of sexual pleasure is similar to the activity in our brains when we enter a different state of consciousness.

How does this come about?  The rhythm that we experience during intercourse.  It lulls our neurons, and helps block out all other sense awareness, to the point of being solely concentrated on what is happening in our body’s physical ecstasy.  We move with the current of the pleasure, just as a boat on the ocean.

So why does this rhythm effect us so?  When our neurons touch and fire at a particular speed and pattern, we are effected by, essentially, a trance.  The synchronization of these firings, or signals, is the crucial step, and if it’s right on the money, then we enter into the orgasmic, trance state.  When they said it takes two to tango, they meant that in multiple ways…

Dr. Safron caught on to this idea, and with the help of multiple researchers, voila, he was able to draw the connection.  He isn’t the only one to see that orgasmic trances can be induced by rhythm, however.  Many Tantrikas in India have already been espousing this fact for centuries, pointing towards certain meditative states as reaching the same heights as sexual pleasure.  Humming, vibrations from motorcycles or trains, to being on horseback, has been claimed to induce an orgasm before, so with this proof, it becomes clearer and clearer that “Dirty Dancing” is indeed what lies behind some of the most pleasurable moves between the sheets.

You can check out the report here.


Source: Curious Mind Magazine

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