New Weed-Infused Wine, The Best Way To Kill Two Birds With One Stone(r)

Crossfading fans rejoice! No longer will you have to both smoke and drink to get your mixed buzz going like this gal:

Because California winemakers are now producing a marijuana-infused wine. Calling themselves Canna Vine, these pioneers of intoxication are helping you to get drunk and high without having to light up a single joint. If Chelsea Handler and Melissa Etheridge are fans of it (even saying it puts you in a “really beautiful place”), how could you it be bad?

Let’s get some things straight before you get down on the canna wine like this lady, though:

First, California’s the only place you’re going to find Canna Vine; it’s the only state that lets alcohol be infused with marijuana. Yep, even Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have their limits when it comes to mixing bud and booze.

Because it’s from California, this wine is prescription-only. Thankfully, getting a medical card in California isn’t too difficult — but it does add to the price tag of the wine if you don’t already have one.

Which brings us to our last point: This isn’t likely to be a daily fix in most tax brackets. This pinot noir of pot wine costs between $120 and $400 for 375mL. That’s only half a bottle of wine!

So, maybe not a convenient way to get a buzz on the regular, but still a super cool option for the occasional indulgence. If that doesn’t work, though, why not get yourself a bottle of wine and roll a couple joints instead?

Check out the article that inspired this one here.

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