Next Time Someone Says Immigrants Are Destroying The Country, Show Them This

We’re living in a world where more and more people are coming into contact with each other that have no history in common.  Whether from a different country, culture, or belief system, we brush arms with someone new, practically every day.  Especially if we’re in a city.

Sick of hearing complaints about how these different people, or “immigrants” if you will, are taking things away from communities, this British gal decided to air her grievances on YouTube.  It’s a brilliant, witty breakdown of what is actually going on with those businesses that people claim “take away the jobs” from native peoples.  She does swear a bit, but it’s worth hearing the speech:

Pretty amazing, right?  This is something I wish the politicians of the world could watch, and understand.  We need to be spreading love and kindness–not derision and hate.  Next time you’re wondering what was there instead of the little Mexican tienda, do some research and find out if it was really some hard-working American’s business or just an overgrown lot.


Source: Upworthy

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