No More Dental Implants, Dentist Grows New Teeth in Just 9 Weeks

Losing a tooth is a painful experience. Not just physically but also for the giant hole they burn in your pocket thanks to dental implants. But, what if we told you that there’s actually a way to regrow your lost tooth? Here’s a dental game-changer coming our way and we hope we can reap its benefits in this lifetime.



Dr. Jeremy Mao is a doctor from Columbia University, and he and his team have been conducting extensive research in this area. The team was recently successful in being able to regrow teeth with the help of stem cells as a scaffold to help the new tooth grow over it.

Dr. Mao explains, “The missing tooth is replaced with stem cells from your body, and the tooth starts merging to the surrounding tissue on its own. This boosts the regeneration process and results in regrowth of the tooth in record time.”
This could actually be a breakthrough in dental science and could save a majority of us from obscenely high dental bills for replacing damaged or broken teeth.



Though exorbitantly priced, dental implants come with certain risks. According to research, they are likely to increase the risk of heart disease, kidney failure, and liver disease. Further, implants can also aggravate autoimmune diseases as they are majorly inserted in areas where the infection is already spreading. Keeping that in mind, Dr. Mao’s dental regrowth procedure could not only be a revolutionary way to treat tooth loss, it may also be far healthier than installing implants.

In its current stage, although the entire process takes 9 weeks, it is far better than a foreign substance that is a threat to one’s health.

As of now, it is not available to the public, but we’re hoping this comes in handy when we’re old and far too familiar with tooth loss. We’ll totally be on top of our selfie game if it does.



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