November – The Month of Soulmates, Where Everything Comes Together Perfectly.

When it comes to matters of the heart, nothing is just a coincidence. And if you too are feeling lovesick or are seeing a sudden explosion of social media PDA, you’re not alone. November is the month of soulmates, and you’re experiencing a phenomenon known as synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the belief that several things lead up to certain events in our lives and are basically made up of ‘meaningful coincidences’ and the universe provides with signs to tell us if we’re in the right direction. November comes under the constellation Scorpio, which is the sign of soulmates, so it is natural to feel a strong connection to a loved one during this time.

Further exploring synchronicity, since the universe cannot really speak to us, it communicates indirectly through signs. We often miss these signs but they come in various forms such as quotes, meetings, numbers, clocks, and so on. In fact, seeing numbers is one of the most common ways the universe is sending us a message and we must be more vigilant to spot the next sign that comes our way.

If we spot a sequence we are being told to listen to our thoughts and emotions and not let our ‘rationality’ come in the way of following our hearts. When we love with all our hearts, we leave no room for rationale and logic. It is one of the strongest emotions we experience and yet it is still a mystery to most.

This month, the universe works extra hard to connect the cosmic dots and ties up the loose ends you’ve been experiencing the entire year. Especially when it comes to the matters of the heart, the universe will give you that extra push your love life needs. Notably on the November 11, which numerically 11.11, the universe sends you a wake-up call of sorts and urges us to take action when it comes to love and life.

There is still no explanation for why two particular individuals or souls are drawn to each other. But if you step out if the bubble skepticism you will open your mind to a universe of possibilities and reasons to explain what events and occurrences lead you to your soulmate.

The month of November welcomes synchronicity with open arms and is the month of the soulmate. Even if we are not able to identify our soulmate or don’t act upon the signs we are sent, the universe is still presiding over your fate, and you are sure to be at least a step closer to achieving your heart’s desire.

It’s time we take matters of the heart seriously and take action before the end of the month of soulmates.



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