Numerology Indicates September As A Powerful Month. Heres What That Means For You!

Being halfway through the cycle of the zodiac signs, September is already a powerful turning-point. Add in the equinox, and you have a new cycle of energy for everyone on the planet.

In numerology, the number 9 — September’s month — is the only time where you’ll experience your Personal Year Number during the month. The energies of September help you learn new life lessons, and wrap up what needs to be finished before starting on new adventures.

To find your Personal Year Number, reduce the numbers to single digits, then add them together. For example:

August 17 becomes 08/17


1+6=7, your Personal Year Number

Each number has a different significance:


A year of new beginnings, much has changed for you. It’s a year of really letting your originality flow — don’t back down now. Trust your instincts, search in your soul, and trust that September will bring fresh, new insights. It’s a good month for your career.


A year of duality, you’ve often felt confused about what it is that you want out of life. This is the perfect month to look for a partner, or make new friendships. It’s a very social month for you, and beneficial to any sort of networking. If you’ve felt pulled in too many directions, it’s a great time to slow down and become introspective.


This year, you’ll be called to learn how to express yourself fully and truthfully. If there’s any residual pent-up emotion, now’s the month to get it out. The energy of September will help to release what has been stagnant, and embark on new creative endeavors. Travel and retreats are definitely indicated.


It’s time to wrap up loose ends, maybe taking the month to revisit old family wounds and create healthier boundaries for yourself. The year has brought many changes for you. It’s equally a good time to revitalize your feng shui, and redecorate your home or apartment.


Attitudes and beliefs have shifted rapidly this year for you, and you’re unsure of what’s next. September is ideal for creative projects, and is a time to do new and different things. With a heightened intuition, you’re particularly receptive to divine creativity — harness it with journaling and meditation. Lastly, it may be a month of new love; keep your eyes open.


Restful and restorative, the year has been positive for your health and wellbeing. Still, it’s time to continue to slow down and remain patient for all that life has in store for you. Take it easy on yourself, and enjoy the change of being an observer rather than a participant. It’s a perfect month for restorative spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga.


It’s been a busy year! If you’re looking for clarity in your career, September is a great time to put plans into action. Likely, you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening this year; September will make this even more prevalent. Extra-sensitive, you’d do well to spend time taking care of your heart and soul.


What a year… You’ve learned more of your own unique potential, and feel prepared for all that is to come. With new talents and abilities, you’re feeling particularly well-equipped — and September is a wonderful month to continue learning and developing. Stand up for yourself, and be confident in your newfound strength.


This year’s been full of ups and downs, both welcoming the new and clearing out the old. While it’s been confusing, you’re not ill-prepared; though September may continue to reinforce this back-and-forth energy. When you’re feeling too stressed, take more time to yourself; surrender to the experience of this moment, here and now.


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