Nurses and Healthcare Workers Across the U.S. Are Refusing Mandatory Flu Vaccines

We trust that our doctor is giving conflict-free, evidence-based advice on what is best for our health. It’s unacceptable that some doctors can put a drug company’s interests, or their own, over the health of their patients!

Revealing the Truth Behind Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Healthcare Workers

Dr. Meryl Nass, M.D., a 36-year career board-certified internal medicine practitioner in Maine, has written extensively about vaccine safety and vaccine policy. She is well-known for her work with hundreds of Gulf War Veterans who got ill after receiving the anthrax vaccine.

Her recent research has revealed new information about a nationally imposed flu vaccine policy for healthcare workers. This policy also affects patients at hospitals and in pediatric practices, and general practitioners who are being lobbied and sometimes tricked into getting flu vaccines.

In a recent article, Dr. Nass reported the complaint and resulting settlement of seven healthcare workers in Erie, PA who were discharged because they refused to take flu vaccines for personal reasons such as religion. They obtained an EEOC settlement of $300,000 which demands them to be reinstated and receive back pay and compensatory damages for alleged religious discrimination.

Who’s Behind the Flu Vaccine Mandates?

The CDC already suffers credibility distress on a variety of issues, and now they have one more thing to add to the pile. On their website, they say they are not directly issuing the flu vaccine mandates.

CDC does not issue any obligations or mandates for state agencies, health systems, or healthcare workers regarding infection control practices, such as influenza vaccination. There are no legally obligated vaccinations for adults, except for persons entering military service. CDC recommends some immunizations for adults, depending on age, occupation, and other circumstances, but the law does not require these vaccinations.

However, the mandates start from the CDC’s National Health Care Safety Network, a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) tracking system employed to generate benchmarks for healthcare institutions. It deems high rates of influenza vaccines among healthcare personnel a surrogate “quality measure” for infection control.

The facilities must notify worker coverage rates of flu vaccination as a quality measure: “Currently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) needs reporting of influenza vaccination coverage for workers in acute care hospitals as a part of the Inpatient Quality Reporting Program through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Health Care Safety Network, a web-based data reporting system using National Quality Forum (NQF) #0431. Each hospital’s influenza vaccination coverage among their health care personnel will be included as a quality measure on Medicare’s consumer-based Hospital Compare program.”

Dr. Nass says that this scheme, which requires hospitals and doctors to choose between patient health and profits, can be connected to one person.

Faruque Ahmed, Ph.D. of CDC’s Immunization Services Division, is both responsible for getting NQF #0431 (healthcare worker [HCW] yearly flu shots) acquired as a quality measure and the first author of CDC’s meta-analysis of healthcare worker/healthcare personnel flu shots and whether they benefited patients. Countless studies over 64 years do not show that staff vaccinations decrease flu infections and deaths in patients, but it won’t be easy figuring that out from the lopsided papers they published.

Dr. Nass also reveals that the quality measure was based on statistical modeling techniques that are themselves based on estimates, assumptions, beliefs, and attributions and that the little evidence they did have was of very low quality. Nass states that it is as if the person grading the test is the test taker himself.

Benefits and Risks of Flu Vaccine Mandates: Massive Amount of Government Payouts for Vaccine Injuries are for Flu Vaccines

To accurately evaluate the suitability of the mandatory flu vaccine policy for healthcare workers, some queries should be explained, and questions answered :

Do staff vaccinations protect staff?

A study recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases states that those who were vaccinated for the flu had 5.5 times more respiratory sickness than those who were not vaccinated. Other studies show that repeated annual flu vaccines reduce their effectiveness.

Are the vaccinations safe for both patients and staff?

Is it safe? How safe? If measured by payouts from the federal vaccine injury compensation program, it’s evident that flu vaccines are not safe for everyone. In fact, many injuries caused by the flu vaccine have made the most awards granted by the Vaccine Court in recent years. These are increasingly going to adults. In the past, the majority of compensated cases involved children injured by vaccines.

Does it protect patients?

This is what the CDC thinks the “quality” measure for a hospital, but, there is no statistically significant evidence that HCW flu vaccinations protect patients, based on meta-analyses by Cochrane, WHO and the CDC itself. It can be assumed that a flu shot does not help patients, despite many studies paid by organizations wanting to find such evidence.

We need to consider if forcing a person to be vaccinated is legal, ethical or even rational. Stabbing someone with an empty syringe is an attack. So, how does sticking someone with a needle loaded with a biological and inherently toxic substance, against his/her will, as a condition for keeping his/her job and livelihood in any way acceptable?

Nursing Professor Becomes Disabled from Mandatory Flu Vaccine

Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, in a poignant interview with a victim of a mandatory flu shot, shared the painful consequences of a decision that ended in tragedy for a nursing professor and her family in this video.

After a month of receiving the vaccine, she suffered the loss of sight, the ability to walk and also standard functions of internal organs. A stroke follows, and she became paralyzed, spent 18 months in the hospital and several months in rehab facilities. Eventually, a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome left her with brain and nerve injury and intense pain that lasted for three more years.

The most shocking thing about this tragedy is that seven out of the eight other patients in the woman’s intensive care unit were also battling similar adverse reactions from a flu shot. While doctors are compelled to report these incidences, hospitals rarely do.

Will Mandatory Flu Vaccine Policy Prevail?

Vigilant efforts all across the country, including public advocacy, legal actions, charitable giving to research and educational organizations, alternative media, and private activities by groups and individuals are making a change and protecting the public from a health system run amok.

These mandates are assumed by many in the medical community to be hurting people whom a generalized inflammatory reaction to a vaccine could result in illness or condition far worse than simple flu. In fact, most of these conditions are permanent or have no known cure.

Dr. Tom Price has been a member of the American Academy of Physicians and Surgeons which objects vaccine mandates. In addition to Dr. Humphries and Dr. Nass, a growing group of medical and scientific professionals is preparing to resist mandates. But the public must also take place against policies that create profit for the few at the expense of the many. The media also needs to do its job and show this unfair and coercive vaccination practice.

The American citizen should never wonder if healthcare workers are promoting best practices for our health or taking action for personal gain and profit.


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