Once You Implement These 30 Tips, Your Life Will Improve in 100 Days

How Enjoy All of Life More Often

#1: Get the worm.

Being “the early bird” will enable you to be more productive on a daily basis, which will leave you more free time once the weekend comes around.

#2: Be more efficient.

Completing tasks in an organized fashion will allow you to get more done in less time. Again, this will leave you more time to do as you please at the end of the day (and the next day).

#3: Slow life down.

Do more thinking instead of acting, and your actions will be more positive and productive.

#4: Be patient.

Take some time to think, and take some time to enjoy your time (and your decision). You’ll make the right choice more often, which will make life easier.

#5: Be compassionate.

The Dalai Lama argues that a life worth living is a life that aids and benefits other people.

#6: Connect with nature.

Studies indicate that nature reduces stress, enhances creativity, improves memory, and transforms character.

#7: Be passionate.

Try to find a job and a career that you love, but even if you haven’t done this yet, be active and loud about the morals and beliefs that you care about.

#8: Set goals.

Just setting them in your mind is good, but writing them down and tracking your progress is best.

#9: Meditate.

Mindful thinking will make life more enjoyable, peaceful, and inspiring.

#10: Be organized.

Keep a fairly tidy workspace and living space, and keep track of what you need to get done and when.

#11: Create more space.

Donating or discarding everything you really don’t need will result in less things to clean and more space to think.

#12: Choose your attitude.

You have the power—and you have the right.

#13: Be appreciative.

Realize that life itself is a gift, and that every moment of it should be lived to the fullest.

#14: Clean-up your finances.

Cancel any memberships or subscriptions you don’t fully utilize, and set-up a retirement or savings account to stash the proceeds in (on a regular basis).

#15: Review your goals.

As alluded to, reviewing your progress regarding the goals that you’ve set will result in more goals being achieved.

#16: Identify your desires.

These don’t have to be “goals,” per se. Just think about what you really want in life, about what you’ll have to do to get it, and about what you can start doing immediately to better your chances.

#17: Utilize weekly and daily planners.

This will organize your life even more, and create even more free time to spend as you wish.

#18: Exercise.

Exercise makes you smarterhappier, more rested, more attracted, and more confident. Harvard research argues it’s a secret to a long and healthy life.

#19: Stay focused.

After a while, you won’t have to devote such conscious effort, and you’ll be so much more aware of life and the world around you.

#20: Live in the present moment.

This will stem from enhanced focus, an it will enliven you in both the short-term and long-term.

#21: Devote proper time and energy to relationships.

This is about balancing time and energy needed to maintain the self and the relationship as a whole.

#22: Plan to pay your debts.

You’ll have to pay much more than the minimum monthly payments, but this is the only way you’re likely to ever experience complete financial freedom.

#23: Embrace the little pleasures in life.

Sometimes, there’s nothing bigger.

#24: Choose good friends.

Positive friends will rub-off on you (and so will negative acquaintances).

#25: Journal.

Many memories are too important to forget.

#26: Read.

It will change your perspective of the world—and of life—for the better.

#27: Be cautious of social media.

Again: balance, and moderation.

#28: Spend time alone every day.

This is necessary to properly maintain and recharge the self.

#29: Don’t measure yourself against other people.

Oftentimes, opportunity is what enables achievement—so simply take advantage of the ones you manage to uncover.

#30: Laugh.

Utilize humor to reduce anxiety, enhance the immune system, and improve your relationship. Laughter is like a daily vitamin with countless benefits.




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