Oncologist Discovers Juice That Kills Cancer In 48 Hours

Alternative natural cancer treatments are growing by the day, so it comes as no surprise that a recent infusion was discovered which could help destroy cancer cells!

The extract made from the dandelion root works by causing apoptosis in the cancer cells. Apoptosis occurs when the cancer cells commit suicide without harming healthy cells in the process. Far different from chemotherapy which kills healthy cells as well as cancerous ones.

About The Research

Recently, a study revealed that Dandelion Root Extract has tremendous potential as an alternative in the treatment of cancer and it is also a non-toxic treatment. The study points out that this method is preferred over the traditional methods of chemotherapy.

Here is what the study stated:

“…we observed early activation of initiator caspase-8, which led to mitochondrial destabilization and the induction of autophagy, suggesting that DRE acts through the extrinsic pathway of apoptosis.”

In 2009, Canadian scientists from the University of Windsor made this discovery as well. It began when an oncologist was taking notes about the effects of dandelion root tea, and he saw that there was a correlation between cancer cells dying and the tea.

He observed positive effects with several different types of cancer such as leukemia and colon cancer and the Dandelion Root Extract did not cause any damage to the surrounding healthy cells.

As a result of this work, many oncologists prescribe the use of dandelion root extract for their patients, as it is one of the most hopeful natural treatments we have available in the world of alternative medicine.

Anti-Cancer Dandelion Juice Recipe Ingredients:

3 cups dandelion leaves
2 organic celery sticks
1 organic lemon
2 organic green apples
1 organic cucumber

Put all of the ingredients into a juicer or blender and drink fresh right away in the morning on an empty stomach.

In general, Dandelion provides a rich source of beta-carotene which we turn into vitamin A in the body. This flowering plant carries loads of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. You can also find B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even vitamin D too. Dandelion includes protein, too. Even more than spinach. People have consumed it for thousands of years as both food and medicine.

Therefore, when you gather them from the wild, try to choose ones that have not been draped in pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. The best ones do not grow on lawns most of the time. So look for mountain meadows or a deserted lot. Alternatively, you can buy seeds or collect them from those familiar little puff balls that appear each summer. Seeds can grow in your garden, planter boxes, or pots. You can also find Dandelion leaves fresh in health food markets or as a freeze-dried herb.


It is an excellent decision to incorporate healthy foods and drinks into your diet to avoid harmful diseases in the future or even help to minimize the impacts of some illnesses. And always seek the advice of a medical doctor to give you the most appropriate treatment for your disease and to discuss dosage.


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