Do Humans Have An Eighth Chakra? Contact Your Higher Self With This Simple Trick

In this informative short video, Deborah King, a master healer with MindValley, will teach you a quick meditation to open your chakras. Opening your eighth chakra will connect you with your higher self. Knowledge of the exsistence of chakras has been a large part of history. Many civilizations incorporated the knowledge of them into medicine, education and daily life.

In India, Aryuvedic Medicine focuses on base chakra healing. Ancient Egypt believed that certain crystals, such as quartz, placed on the forehead of the deceased would help guide their souls to the afterlife. Modern day and Ancient Chinese have always been very in tune with the human body. They are masters at manipulating energy. Martial Arts is one prime example. Most of us have heard of the first seven chakras, has anyone ever heard of the spiritual chakras?

The eighth chakra is the first of what are referred to as the “spiritual chakras”. Located outside the body, above one’s head. The eighth chakra is the chakra of devine energy and spiritual compassion.  It is approximately two to three feet above our crown chakra. This chakra stores our entire karmic history,  the recurring patterns that shape our lives. Some of which have been clung to for several lifetimes.

By the end of this video, you will have opened the doorway to your highest energy. We thank Deborah King for her insight and desire to share this knowledge with us.

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