Over 22,000 Nurses Protest Mandatory Vaccinations

People have a right to choose what they put in their bodies. No one should have the power to force anything on anyone without their consent, let alone a vaccine with dubious health claims.

And now, 22,000 nurses have stood their ground in protest of this fundamental human right. As it stands, nurses who choose not take the flu vaccination must wear a face mask while at work. This demand comes as a shock to many, especially since various studies have shown how ineffective these shots are while offering little extra protection for hospital patients.

Many nurses feel cornered by the forceful request.

And some chose to forgo their much-needed jobs rather than receive the ordered vaccination. Others have taken the fight into their own hands, electing to sue the state, hospital, and federal governments to the tune of $100,000,000 for trying to take away their human rights.

One notable pro vaccine doctor, Dr. Karen Sullivan Sibert, penned a piece recently stating how the requirement for nurses to wear masks when they refuse vaccinations violates HIPAA law for patient privacy.

Furthermore, it forces front line health care personnel to take a concoction with various controversial ingredients. These almost experimental componants include known neuro toxins such as foreign proteins derived from genetically modified ingredients, heavy metals, and many other harmful materials.

Now, more than 22,00 have taken part in The Nurses against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV) group. The organization was formed when flu shots became compulsory in the workplace. The group itself is neither anti-vaccine nor pro-vaccine. They only fight for their right to free choice. Nurses and other health care workers, like all other people, only want the right to choose or refuse medical treatment at their discretion.

So why the big push for vaccines? Well, based on information available publicly, we now see hospital systems requiring a 90% or higher rate of flu vaccinations among workers. If they choose not to comply, then they face a decrease in funding for Medicare and Medicaid by up to 2%. This predicament looks like a serious conflict of interest.


Many believe that flu vaccinations only exist to provide money and funding for vaccine companies and to line the pockets of Big Pharma, with no proven advantages to people who take them, willingly or otherwise. So it is refreshing to see that nurses and other healthcare workers have stood their ground and stood their ground against forced medical procedures that violate their constitutional rights.


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