Partners Who Fart In Front Of Each Other Are More Likely To Have A Long Relationship

I’ve had close intimate relationships, and I’ve had ones in which I’ve had to devote all my time and energy into forcing things to work. However, no one I have been with has made me feel less than completely comfortable in their presence. Yet still,  I always find it difficult to be completely real in front of them and completely trust them.

Does anyone else feel this way? Have you also had difficulties being completely open with your partner? Even in long relationships, this can happen quite often and it’s definitely nothing new or weird.

Farting is one of the most common things people avoid doing in front of their partners. The reason behind this is truly simple. Humans do not enjoy doing unpleasant things in front of people they are fond of. Instead, we like to impress them. Humans would rather be fake just to impress, than risk looking foolish in front of a potential partner.

Leah Decesare, the author of “Naked Parenting”, talks favorably of it being pleasant to do “unpleasant things” in the presence of your partner.

Her studies say that people are actually more likely to have longer relationships when they’re comfortable with each other. What’s more comfortable than a fart? Being comfortable enough to fart in front of your partner means having complete trust and being real, which are crucial to amy relationship.

Just as you laugh, sleep and eat in front of them, it should be a normal occurance to fart in front of them.

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