People Stop Emotionally Expanding at the Age We Received the Least of Love

Can Human Beings Ever Fully Recover from a Lack of Love?

When a human being is in their early childhood, any emotional pain they suffer can have a lasting impact on their psyche. In fact, these issues frequently carry into adulthood, making it difficult or impossible to establish meaningful social connections and relationships. More specifically, this suffering in early childhood can lead to severe issues with trust. If parents or caregivers fail to provide their children with adequate and proper love and support, their children may be unable to provide the people they love with enough love later in life—or they may never be able to fully accept being loved, even when it is genuine.

On the contrary, if parents are overprotective, children may become too dependent or too reliant on their support. This often results in human beings who are unable to support or love themselves enough as adults, and, again, these people cannot prevent the ones they love from being negatively impacted. Yet, some emotional problems can be much more nuanced than this, and they can stem from parenting which is more or less good but insufficient in some aspect. For instance, if a child’s imagination and creativity are not encouraged or allowed, they may end up with little or no ambition as they get older, and they could even develop psychopathic tendencies.

However, there are exercises than can be undertaken to repair some of this emotional damage from earlier in life. In fact, even practicing mindful and close thinking can be extremely positive and productive. It’s vital to focus on forming bonds in the present which are based on mutual help and understanding rather than one-sided aid, but to be able to do this a person must be able to accept their true emotional state and release the years or decades of pent-up negativity. All the wounds may never fully heal, but it’s quite likely that you will be able to recover enough emotionally to experience the happiness, peacefulness, and success that you deserve.

Yet, it’s important to remember that it’s still possible achieve these things even if you know you still have a lot of healing and recovering to do. In particular, if a human being has experienced trauma, then there is always the possibility that it will take an entire lifetime to become (mostly) fully healed. Regardless of the source of pain, each individual must determine what they are lacking emotionally and devote time and energy to figuring out how to fill the specific voids. It’s worth it to talk to friends, family members, and professionals to ensure that you get started on the right track. Please watch the video below for more info and insights that could help you or someone you care about in regards to emotional neglect and healing.






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