People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People of All

Have you ever fought and resisted the urge to cry during a movie before? If so, after you find out why individuals who cry during movies are actually stronger than those individuals who do not—well, you’ll probably want to cry. If you cry during movies, performances, or other shows, the odds are that you’re an extremely emphatic person (or an empath). So, is it hard to be an empath, or an empathetic person in general? If you think about it, it’s much, much more difficult to empathize when you might just as easily be able to turn a blind eye—so, yes!—it takes a strong individual to be an empathetic individual.

And aside from being strong, people who cry during movies are just good people to be around: they’re especially conscious and thoughtful of other people’s feelings and emotions, they’re excellent team leaders and team workers, and they’re highly valuable friends and partners. Empaths always contemplate the notion that everyone has a different background made up of myriad distinct experiences—so it’s impossible for any human being to genuinely comprehend another human being with perfect precision, but it’s also extremely wise to always be as understanding and as forgiving as possible because of this fact.


People who cry during movies are also strong because other people rely on them, and they always devote the time and energy which is required to provide adequate support. Ironically (or perhaps not), empaths also tend to be highly sought-after partners in long-term, happy relationships. When an emphatic person cries during a movie, it’s because they are capable of genuinely relating to the characters and experiencing their feelings and emotions; when they are part of a relationship they desire to be in, empaths are also able to identify with their partners exceptionally well—and support them exceptionally well, as a result.

However, one shouldn’t assume an individual is an empath merely because they’ve cried during a movie (it’s just a very, very, strong indicator): it’s also possible that a person could cry because they happen to experience Stendhal Syndrome, which is simply a result of being moved by a piece of art which the viewer interprets to be transcendental. Yet, even a person who is able to remain focused and captivated for the entirety of such a moving performance must possess a great degree of strength and quality themselves, regardless of their regular emphatic nature.

So, perhaps it’s time to start trying to pickup dates at the movies, instead of picking them up at the gym and then going to the movies with them. Actually, when you think about, it would be a whole lot more convenient—and less exhausting.


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