People with ADHD and ADD are Actually Indigo Children— Claims Leading Psychotherapists

Doreen Virtue, former psychotherapist, has advanced the idea of “Indigo Children” — kids sent to this Earth to begin removing societal ills and corruption, following a higher path of wisdom and virtue. She believes that these children often are diagnosed as ADD or ADHD — and prescribed Ritalin, an amphetamine which will dull their natural sensibilities towards healing and wholeness.

Stephen Hinshaw, professor at UC Berkeley, has expressed concern that children are often being over-medicated for ADD and ADHD. Though he doesn’t explicitly comment on the “Indigo Children”, his advice to decrease Ritalin prescription definitely rings true.

Even VICE’s reporters have gotten in on this. Gavin Hayes went to New York to meet Indigo Children born in the ’90s, to learn more about them and their proposed psychic gifts. On his trip, he had his aura read, received a holistic dentistry exam, and met a rap duo known as “The Underachievers”, who preach that Indigoism is a way of life.

Common traits of Indigo Children include:

A sense of “being here for a reason”

Not settling for absolute authority.

An in-born sense of value.

A great importance placed on creative thought.

Significant acts of rebellion.

Not responding to discipline by guilt.

Not shy about their own needs and wants.


Check out the video below for a fuller explanation of Indigo Children:

Are you an Indigo Child, or maybe even your own child?

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